Nitro Nation World Tour Workshop Featurette

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Nitro Nation World Tour

Hey Racers!

You might be wondering - what are Workshops? Watch the video below to learn more about what they are and why Workshops are so important or check out the website for more information.

Nitro Nation World Tour: Workshopping through Workshops

Workshops are digital lots that let players manage their cars’ looks and performance.

Workshops mean:

  • You can tune more of your cars faster and at better cost efficiency.
  • You will be able to upgrade, repair, maintain, and customize your car collection.

As a Workshop owner and operator, anytime another player uses your Workshop to improve their car, you will get a percentage of that cost in in-game currency.

Workshops can also grant you Rental slots, allowing you to Rent out your cars for a fee of in-game currency, and guaranteeing you a reward when the Renter wins races with your car.

By equipping NFT workshops onto a Social club, the number of upgrades, repairs, maintenance, customizations, car rentals, and car loans that can be performed by club members increases!

As clubs increase in level, additional NFT workshops can be equipped to provide even more slots and additional rewards.

Workshop Variations

Each Workshop has a different set of in-game benefits based on its type and rarity. Different Workshops allow you to tune your car for specific tracks and specific environments, or to conquer specific Challenges.

There are 10 different NFT Workshop types, with 4 rarities (common, rare, epic, legendary) each, for a total of 40 Workshop variations that each provide distinct benefits.

Each type has a different combination of the following stats, with each rarity having varying amounts:

  • Increases the club’s car upgrade level cap
  • # of Upgrade slots
  • # of Service slots
  • # of Repair slots
  • # of Customize slots
  • # of Rental slots
  • # of Loan slots
  • % Upgrade Speed Bonus
  • % Service Speed Bonus
  • % Repair Speed Bonus
  • % Customize Speed Bonus
  • % Upgrade Cost Reduction Bonus
  • % Service Cost Reduction Bonus
  • % Repair Cost Reduction Bonus
  • % Customize Cost Reduction Bonus

The higher the rarity, the greater the in-game benefits.

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It’s time to suit up!


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