A Cold Snap Is Coming for NFL Rivals

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Brrrr, it’s getting a little chilly out there. That’s because there’s a COLD SNAP a-comin’ for us, Rivals!

Introducing the new, super-sized game program: COLD SNAP. Given the holidays and change-over to the new year, we’re running this program out for 8 weeks over December covering the entire playoffs and dividing it into two 4-week sections: Offense and Defense. Each section will feature different collections of players and they’ll also have their own program currencies. Defense will come first with Xs on December 7 at 10am ET / 7am PT, while Offense will follow with Os and launch on January 4 at 10am ET / 7am PT.

Frosty the Football Player

We have a new kind of player card that’s coming in from the cold. This program, we’re introducing Snowmen, a collectible card that features a “Snow Day” date when it will “melt” and reveal a special edition player card representing players who played great games in the snow.

Not only is it on-theme for the season, we wanted to give players a reason to come back and check their lineups for a surprise on a particular day.

Did Someone Say P-P-Power Pass?

We’re rolling out a new in-game item you can purchase to level up your rewards as you play through the program and make progress through the tracks. The current plan is to launch a new Power Pass for each new program.

We’re so excited for all the new things coming to the extended Cold Snap program. Stay frosty, Rivals!


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