Black Friday Comes to NFL Rivals — But Without the Long Lines!

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It’s the biggest shopping day of the year and NFL Rivals won’t leave you out in the cold!

We have a raft of pack specials dropping in the game this Black Friday, November 24, with new pack deals rotating in every 5 hours. We’re also running out an Acorns event with double the Acorn rewards and a special Legendary chase card event.

Your Obsidian Lineup

To celebrate Black Friday, we’re launching a mini-program called “Obsidian” in which we’re dropping cards featuring players wearing black jerseys and black visors. In descending order, there will be 1 Legendary, 4 Epic, and 5 Rare cards.

Here’s who we have in packs:

  • Trey Hendrickson, DE for the Cincinnati Bengals
  • Tyler Conklin, TE for the NY Jets
  • Morgan Moses, OL for the Baltimore Ravens
  • Marshon Lattimore, CB for the New Orleans Saints
  • Rayshawn Jenkins, SS for the Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Keith Smith, RB for the Atlanta Falcons
  • Zach Pascal, WR for the Arizona Cardinals
  • Chukwuma Okorafor, OL for the Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Robert Spillane, LB for the Las Vegas Raiders
  • Percy Butler, FS for the Washington Commanders

And there will be one special Legendary chase player coming out! Check back in the game to find out who it is.

Thanks for playing with us, Rivals. Happy holidays!


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