Early Access Soft Launch Update

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Get ready for the biggest update in Blankos Block Party’s history! Nothing will be the same after June 2nd. This will also be our soft launch into Early Access, giving core players an early start into the update, prior to a big reveal at E3 2021 on June 14th.

We will deploy the update on June 2nd at 9:30 AM PDT and have planned for a 1-hour downtime. We expect the update to be online at 10:30 AM PDT. As a reminder, we will be doing a progression reset and reboxing of Blankos. See the details here.


Alongside all of this incredible new content, we have some more big announcements coming  at E3 2021! Tune-in on June 14th at 11:10AM PDT via official Twitch, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook channels for all the Blankos updates!

Let’s check out what’s new!


IMPORTANT: You will need to progress through the Junction quests to unlock main menu tiles like the Store and your Shelf. The quests are considered finished after the Chomp Stack Hill race and speak to the Shaman. We strongly recommend you complete all of the tutorial quests with your NOOB Blanko. There is a bug that can block the progression if you go to the Shelf and try to progress with a different Blanko.

Bullseye and Freddy Yeti

Bullseye, a limited quantity drop of 4000, enters the store on June 2nd at 3PM PDT. Freddy Yeti will be dropping on June 3rd at 3PM PDT as a time-limited drop leaving on June 16th.


We have 3 awesome new accessories that will be dropping at 3PM PDT, with the launch of the new update. Collecters will want to prioritize the web Shop for low issue numbers if they have not completed the in-game quest to unlock the shop.

Cast Anchor Cast will be 400 BB's or $3.99
Island Time Sunnies will be 400BB's or $3.99
Rainbow Wings will be 700BB's or 6.99

Moola non-NFT returning items: Fluffy Bunny Slippers and Pink Busted Bunny Mask! These items are returning for Moola only.


Tai Chi will be available at 10:30AM PDT


In addition to new Blankos and Accessories dropping June 2nd and June 3rd, we are introducing Gumballs. These Gumballs will be used in upgrades, but will also be able to change the color of your Blankos in MashUps! Some Gumballs will reflect the color palette of the Accessories so you can match your Blanko with your outfit! There will be 8 Gumballs available to start, but we’ll be adding more and you can also unlock some from the Party Pass.

Party Pass

Get ready for the Party Pass! The Party Pass is the new way you're going to earn rewards just for playing the game. We’re introducing Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal Challenges that will unlock Hype Points. As you collect these Hype Points, you’ll advance in your Party Pass, unlocking new accessories, Moola, Blanko Bucks, Gumballs, XP Chips, Emotes, and even a special Blanko, Sergeant Poppy! This Blanko will be an NFT and will be able to be listed on our Marketplace when it's live.


Daily Challenges will reset every day at 2:00 AM PDT, while Weekly Challenges will reset every Wednesday at 2 AM PDT. Completing all Dailies and all Weeklies will grant you bonus rewards including a Hidden Random Gumball. More on this below.

With so many incredible ways to build Block Parties, we need to ensure that games are built to be fun and not to take advantage of progression-based systems. As such, Party Pass Challenges have the following restrictions:

  • Progress for the majority of Challenges is only possible through our featured levels. You will still earn a small amount of XP and Moola from playing non-featured levels.
  • We have set up total progress caps that uniform across all of our featured block parties. These allow us to feature some of the coolest levels that normally would have broken the progression system.
  • Except these cap values to change as we monitor the game’s performance.

Tutorial and Junction Update

The whole Junction has been renovated. When you first arrive in the Junction, you will have passed through a new tutorial experience and it will be pretty bare bones. You will need to progress through the quests in the Junction in order to unlock parts of the Junction.

Once you complete the Chomp Stack Hill race and talk to the Shaman, all hexes will be unlocked, MashUPs will be unlocked, and you'll even get a FREE Blanko! Trickle will be on your shelf. It will not be an NFT, but you can use it in MashUPs.

Free Blanko you receive just by completing the Junction Quests

Season 0 Styles

Every Blanko, even those who are New Out Of the Box (we call them N.O.O.B.s), has access to two Foundation Moves: Run and Shove. These classics never go out of style, and for good reason—they’re useful in any Block Party. Shove doesn’t use any vibe energy at all and Run is a pretty low spend, Both of these moves are essentials for your arsenal.

Foundation Moves are important, but Power Moves really turn up the flavor.

Power Moves

When you unbox a new Blanko you’ll get a one-time opportunity to choose two Power Moves for it, but here’s the trick—out of the box, Power Moves only come in a pair called your Style.


Style is a classification determined by the types of Power Moves assigned to your Blanko. Each Power Move belongs to a family or Set that shares the same basic characteristics—Spin, Boost, Dash, Ground Pound, Shield, Trap, and Melee. New Styles and Sets may pop up from time to time and old ones might retire, so fit your Blankos with the best moves while you can!

Foundation Perk

The customization doesn’t end there though! Perks allow you to tweak your Blanko even further. Foundation Perks adjust innate things like vibes energy, health, and even Foundation Moves, or how much health your Blanko has. Power Perks allow you to modify your Power Moves directly. The best part is Perks are always working in the background.

Seasonal Styles

The number of Styles might be different from Season to Season. You might see Styles from older Seasons become available again; you may also see similar Styles but potentially with new Power Moves and/or Perks. In a future update, we plan on introducing Skill MashUPs, which will allow you to customize and combine the skills of your Blankos even further. More to come on this in a later update!

For Season 0, you will have access to the following Styles:


Power Move: Bubble Shield

  • Encase yourself in a bubble that absorbs up to 100 damage, meanwhile increasing your jump height and slowing your fall.

Power Move: Vibe Trap

  • Deploy a decoy vibe that explodes and deals 30 damage to all nearby Blankos. 2 charges.

Foundation Perks

  • Knock Block - Knockback resistance
  • Health Buff - +50 health
  • Vibe KO - Regain 50 energy whenever you knock a Blanko out.
    Quick Pick Up - Greatly reduces stun time after falling.
    Eco-Vibe - Your basic run costs 33% less energy per second to use.

Power Perks

  • Thick Skin - Activated shields have +50 health.
  • Longer Lasting Shield - Your activated shields last twice as long.
  • Duck and Run - Gain a speed boost when your activated shield is broken.
  • Wide Net - Increase your trap's trigger area.
  • Extra Holdings - Your traps have one extra charge.
  • Trap Damage - Your traps deal +20 damage.


Power Move: Juke

  • Quickly dash in any direction. 3 charges.

Power Move: Swerve

  • A spin that lets you slip by enemy Blankos and makes you temporarily invulnerable.

Foundation Perks

  • Steppin’ Up - Jump farther while running.
  • Off the Wall - Jump higher off of walls.
  • Invigorated - Spawn with a 100 health shield that lasts 30 seconds.
  • Ampli-Vibe - +25 energy
  • Bounceback - Respawn from knockout dramatically faster.

Power Perks

  • Downward Spiral - Spin lets you briefly float.
  • Turn and Run - Get a brief speed boost after you spin.
  • Endless Cycle - Hold Spin button to keep spinning. Costs 15 energy per second.
  • Mach Wave - Your dash deals additional knockback.
  • Battery Pack - Your dashes have an additional charge.
  • Crash Zone - Your dash has a larger impact zone and hits up to three Blankos


Power Move: Light Foot

  • Get a 3-second boost of speed with extra maneuverability and jump. 3 charges.

Power Move: Dunk

  • A Ground Pound that lets you hang in the air briefly before slamming down and stunning up to three Blankos.

Foundation Perks

  • Rapid Revive - Start with +20 health and regain more health per second.
  • KnockBlock - Knockback resistance
  • Vibe Blast - Gain 100 health and an energy boost upon using a cannon.
  • Eagle-Eyed - See enemy nameplates from farther away.
  • Re-Vibe - Your vibe energy regenerates faster.

Power Perks

  • Ready to Run - Boost starts matches with a full charge meter
  • Run and Gun - You can boost while shooting.
  • Hot Steppin’ - Your boost leaves behind a trail of fire that damages enemies.
  • Bass Drop - Your Ground Pound deals +15 damage.
  • Drop and Cover - Gain a 50 health shield for 15 seconds after you ground pound
  • Drop and Hop - Get a height bonus if you jump right after a Ground Pound.

GradeUP and Gem Rush

Whether a N.O.O.B. or a freshly unboxed limited drop, playing with your Blanko earns you experience (XP) which you can use to promote your Blanko through the GradeUP system. There are three main Grade tiers: Fair, Good, and Excellent. Each Grade has 5 progressive Levels that must be achieved before you can advance to the next Grade. Once you reach the top of LV5 on any Grade you’ll have the chance to GradeUP to the next tier.

In order to advance from Grade to Grade, you must spend Gumballs and Moola or Blanko Bucks. This currency commitment will unlock the next tier of rewards you can unlock as you progress from Level 1-5 in that Grade.

You can earn that sweet XP any way you prefer to hustle: playing Block Parties, completing gigs in The Junction, completing Party Pass challenges, and more. Upgrading your Blanko from Fair to Good to Excellent will unlock new abilities and opportunities for that toy. But that’s not the end of the road. Oh, no.

Gem Rush

Gem Rush is our upcoming system that will make your Blankos rarer, more unique, and even unlock new designs. When a Gem Rush activates for a Blanko, you will have the ability to progress to Premium Grades, Mint and Gem Mint. In order to do so, you’ll have to put your Blankos through a special process called Minting. Minting requires you to Fuse together two identical Blankos of EX LV5 (or MT LV5 to reach Gem Mint) to create a brand new, boxed Blanko with new unique unlockables, like an alternate design and even unique visual effects.

These ultra-rare Blankos can only be Minted during a Gem Rush event, though, so keep an eye out for those events in-game. We’ll be going into more detail on this in the future.

Season 0 Unlock Structure

As you progress through your Blanko’s GradeUP Progression, here is everything you will unlock as you advance.


10,000 XP per level


14,000 XP per level


18,000 XP per level

Level 1


+1 Foundation Perk Slot

+1 Foundation Perk Slot

Level 2

+1 Power Perk slot

2000 Moola

Foundation Perk

Wrecker- Eagle-Eyed

Tracer- Quick Comeback

Tanker- Eco-Vibe

Level 3

Foundation Perk

Wrecker- Re-Vibe

Tracer- Invigorated

Tanker - Vibe KO

Wrist slot

Feet Accessory Slot

Level 4

1000 Moola

Foundation Perk

Wrecker- Vibe Blast

Tracer- Ampli-Vibe

Tanker- Quick Pick Up

100 Blanko Bucks

Level 5

Belt Accessory Slot

[Hidden] Foundation Perk [Season 0]

[Hidden] Foundation Perk  [Season 0]

Grade Improvement Requirement

Spend 8 gumballs


(20000 Moola


1000 Blanko Bucks)

Spend 12 gumballs


(25000 Moola


1250 Blanko Bucks)

Hidden Foundation Perks

What are these?

Hidden Foundation Perks are special traits for Blankos that are discovered upon reaching specified progression milestones. These perks are selected out of a pool of possible perks. Once unlocked, these traits are permanent and cannot be changed. Currently, this system is starting with Perks, but in the near future, other unique attributes will become a part of this system.

How do I get them?

For Season 0, Blankos (outside of the Tutorial Blankos: N.0.0.B. and Trickle) will unlock one Hidden Foundation Perk at Level 5 of Good and Excellent Grades. Once unlocked, your Blanko can equip them into the Foundation Perk slots just like your other foundation perks.

What are the Hidden Foundation Perks for Season 0?

Season 0 Hidden Foundation Perk



Explode for damage after death. 30-second cooldown.


Speed boosts and power-ups last longer.


Regain energy while dancing.

Gibe and Revive

Regenerate health while taunting.

Cheat Death

25% chance to survive lethal damage. 60-second cooldown.

Raze and Run

Gain a 5-second speed boost when eliminating an enemy.

Attention Hound

Regain health/energy while using attention emotes.

Dazed and Rejuved

Regain 100 health when you successfully stun an enemy.

Important Note

Blankos will only be able to unlock 2 Hidden Foundation Perks from the table above and both will be unique to each other.

For Season 0, the first Hidden Foundation Perk appears at a rate of 1:8 from the table above. Afterward, the second Hidden Foundation Perk will appear at a rate of 1:7 from the table above; the first perk being removed from the possible options.


The Vendor Blender is opening on June 2nd! Customize your Blankos in two ways: Mixing and Mashing. Mixing means you’re customizing a single Blanko using a Gumball. Gumballs are our new collectible that can be earned through the Party Pass or bought in the Shop. Want your Fathomz to be hot pink? Or your N.O.O.B. to have dazzling new hues? Gumballs can help you there.

Mashing is the process of sampling the bits and pieces from one Blanko and splicing those characteristics into another Blanko to create a new, custom Blanko. The only change to the new Blanko will be the color palette, and you won’t lose the other Blanko.


When making changes to a Blanko inside of the MashUP building these changes are permanent with no way to reverse. Be certain you want these changes to happen before you commit to them; customer support will not be able to revert the changes to your Blanko.

Reach out to the community for inspiration for a new look if you don’t like your current one. Join our Discord and create incredible Blankos together!

When doing a MashUP, colors will be algorithmically applied to the Splice Blanko. After previewing a MashUP, the result will be held for 24 hours before a new preview can be generated. After that 24 hour period, a new MashUP will be created when you bring that same Splice into the MashUP building. If a MashUP is applied to the Blanko, the timer will be reset and a new MashUP preview can be created.

If you like the result, be sure to finalize the MashUP before the 24 hours is up.

Hidden Gumball Reward

Each week players have an opportunity to earn a free Gumball by completing all of their weekly challenges; players can also earn a free Hidden Gumball Reward from Season’s Party Pass Rewards. These gumballs are determined at the time the player earns the reward and appear at a rate of 1:N where N is the number of Gumballs inside of the pool. For Season 0, the Gumball Reward Pool contains the below and is N = 19 in total.

Gumball Name


Lilac Nectar Chill

Applies the color palette to the Blanko

Rainbow Wing Sherbet

Applies the color palette to the Blanko

Anonymous Arctic Blast

Applies the color palette to the Blanko

Tutti Frutti Freeze

Applies the color palette to the Blanko

Cast Anchor Cooler

Applies the color palette to the Blanko

Fruit Punch 

Applies the color to one of the color layers on the Blanko. 

Tangerine Tangle 

Applies the color to one of the color layers on the Blanko.

Lickin' Lemon 

Applies the color to one of the color layers on the Blanko.

Sour Apple Slap 

Applies the color to one of the color layers on the Blanko.

Prickly Pear

Applies the color to one of the color layers on the Blanko.

Key Lime Kick 

Applies the color to one of the color layers on the Blanko.

Clobberin' Cotton Candy 

Applies the color to one of the color layers on the Blanko.

Blueberry Slosh 

Applies the color to one of the color layers on the Blanko.

Grapplin' Grape 

Applies the color to one of the color layers on the Blanko.

Pushy Plum 

Applies the color to one of the color layers on the Blanko.

Heaping Spoonful Blend

Combines color from 75% of the Splice Blanko and 25% of the Sample Blanko.

Half 'n' Half Blend

Combines color from 50% of the Splice Blanko and 50% of the Sample Blanko.

Just a Pinch Blend

Combines color from 25% of the Splice Blanko and 75% of the Sample Blanko.

Flavor Flip

Inverts all colors on the Blanko.


We are working hard to bring better systems that allow for player-created content to be in front of everyone. In the meantime, we encourage you to reach out to the builder community or just the community in general to explore these Block Parties. Get together with a group and use Join Codes to try out new content. If you see a Block Party you think is phenomenal, reach out to us via Twitter, or Discord and let us know! We are always looking for new Parties to feature and comb through player levels to identify new ones to feature.


Now that we are in Early Access we several of our core systems in place. We’ve reset progression from Beta and currently do not have plans to do additional resets. Do expect to see us testing out different values as we continue to learn from you, our amazing community. For example, the contents of our Party Pass may shift sizeably from Season to Season. Blankos from different Seasons may have different amounts of XP that are required.

Additionally, there are a few pieces of info we want to share up-front:

  • Items earned in-game or purchased with Moola will not be NFTs, unless otherwise indicated. Exceptions may be things like the Party Pass Blanko. This is to protect the economy while we learn what strategies work well and are best for the product.
  • In the future, we are looking to put this content on the blockchain.
  • Inventory totals for items currently sold for Blanko Bucks in-game will be based on several factors:
  • If an item has a pre-set limit to how many can be sold, that limit will be the maximum.
  • If an item doesn’t hit that maximum before the Season is up, we will remove it from the store at the latest by the end of the season.
  • In some cases, we may remove the item earlier than the end of the season if it hasn’t sold out. We reserve the right to remove it earlier.

We hope you enjoy this awesome new update, and as always, we would love to hear your feedback on Twitter, Discord, or Reddit!

See you at E3!


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