Winter Event Update - Gelid’s Gale

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You’re walking through the Junction, snow lines every rooftop in the Depot; it’s dark outside. You spot some jolly-looking lights in the distance and you decide to head towards them. They lead you to the park. You notice the river, frozen by the cold, two Blankos having a friendly snowball fight, and… a lollipop tree? And is that a reindeer?!

The Holidays will be in full swing in the Junction starting tomorrow, December 2nd, at 10 AM PST / 18:00 UTC! The servers will go down for maintenance during this time, starting at 9:50 AM PST / 17:50 UTC. Let’s take a look at what this magical update has to offer:

Hype Park

Welcome to the Xtreme-Mas version of our beloved Hype Park! Here you’ll find snowy trees, lollipop platforms, candy cane street lights, a frozen stream, and even a certain red-nosed fella. Pfft, no, there’s nothing evil going on here! You ask a lot of questions...

Gelid’s Gale - Snowball Fight!

Head over to the Wonderland that is Hype Park to take part in a giant snowball fight (with snowball bazookas might I add)! All in the name of glory for Gelid, an earnable NFT Blanko in our newest Party Pass. Run out of ammo blasting foes? Luckily there are conveniently placed snowball piles all around the park! You’re welcome; it took a long time to pack all of those. It’s why we have interns!

Also, don’t ask how a pile of 14 snowballs refills 15 ammo. It’s… for balancing purposes.

Gelid’s Gale - Leaderboards

What’s a good ol’ snowball fight without a little competition? Front and center in the newly decked out Hype Park, you’ll see a giant leaderboard! This leaderboard will cycle through the following stats:

  • Personal daily ranking
  • Personal all-time ranking
  • Top daily rankings
  • Top all-time rankings

So what are you waiting for? Get pelting!

Snow Days

What’s a snow-covered Junction without immersive effects? As you run through the Junction you’ll notice your Blanko leaving a trail of disrupted snow, and kicking up snow too! Oh, and the best part is that the snow also crunches under your feet! 10/10 SNOWY ASMR.

Build Mode: New Holiday Themed Build Items

Happy Holidays builders! Ol’ Saint Foreman came early this year and he’s gone ahead and loaded up your build editor inventories with some Holiday themed goodies to spice up your Blocks - how nice of him!


  • Bow X-Mas
  • Post X-Mas
  • Tree Lolly Single
  • Tree Lolly Double
  • Tree Pine
  • Tree Pine Snow
  • Tree X-Mas Snowy


  • Snowball Launcher
  • Trampoline Drum X-Mas


  • Post Lamp X-Mas
  • Rope Light X-Mas


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