Top 5 Build Tips in Blankos Block Party

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Building your first game in Blankos Block Party can be a big step. There's a lot of stuff you can do in the Build Mode, and our very own Senior Level Designer Josh Foreman has some tips to get you started.

Tip 1: Start with Basics, then add flavor with decorations

There are several categories of Build items, and you should start with Basics. Basics are like building blocks. They are great for building the foundations of your level. Once you're happy with the overall proportions, that's when you want to start going in and adding decorations, changing the colors, and adding things like lights.

Tip 2: Use the interactives toggle

As you build, you're going to want to keep testing things out. Normally, you're flying around placing your objects, but you can always pop into run mode and run around unaffected by the hazardous or interactive objects. From here, you can toggle on interactives and that will trigger physics on objects, and interactives like the canon or lava.

Tip 3: Make groups for for super speed

Once you have a collection of props you're happy with, group them up! Grouped objects can be rotated, moved, and duplicated. Now you can fill your level up super quick!

Tip 4: Add color to your level with materials

You can swap out the material for any of the props that are in the Basics category. This is a fantastic way to differentiate different parts of your Block Party, to add progression, or just to add a splash of color.

Tip 5: The key to great design is iteration

Never be afraid to publish your block party and get some feedback even when you're not finished with it. It's a great way to learn and develop your design sensibility.

Blankos is all about community, and we cannot wait to see what you build and we can't wait to play your Block Parties! Be sure to share your designs on the Blankos Block Party Discord Server and get some tips from other players.


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