Three Moola Accessories Drop May 12th

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We have three returning Accessories coming to the in-game Shop today, at 3:00 PDT / 22:00 UTC: The Rivethead Visor Beanie, the Yin-Yang Sneakers, and the Chain of Command Bumbag!

Rivethead Visor Beanie

This is the kind of hat that gives off PRICKLY vibes; approach if you dare! The Rivethead Visor Beanie will be available in the in-game Shop for 12,000 moola.

Yin-Yang Sneakers

Find your center and peace within. Gracefully move with these standout sneakers. The Yin-Yang Sneakers will be available in the in-game Shop for 10,000 moola.

Chain of Command Bumbag

Is that the rattling of chains or the rustling of snacks? THINK OF ALL THE THINGS YOU CAN PUT IN THIS BAG... Like a phone, or a wallet… The Chain of Command Bumbag will be available in the in-game Shop for 8,000 moola.


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