Season 3 Update 1

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Hey, Party-goers~

Season 3 Update 1 introduces a new in-game events feature called Live Events, as well as many bug fixes!

This update will go live on July 6th at 10:00 AM PDT / 17:00 UTC after a 1-hour downtime at 9:00 AM PDT / 16:00 UTC.

Live Events

Live Events are temporary or permanent in-game events new to Blankos Block Party in Season 3 where you’ll be able to complete tasks to earn all kinds of rewards!

For example:

The Welcome Wagon Live Event

The Welcome Wagon Live Event is the first Live Event that goes live on July 6th!

In this Event, you’ll complete beginner-friendly tasks to earn rewards such as moola, XP Chips, and Gumballs!

This Live Event is permanent, open for all players to complete, and can only be completed once.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed players sometimes having to select 'Use Custom Image' multiple times for their selection to be recognized.
  • The 'Are you still there?' prompt now only gives an option for 'OK' rather than 'YES' or 'NO'.
  • Fixed the Aviator Sunglasses not appearing on Blankos with only two horns.
  • Fixed XP Chips being consumed without actually applying XP when the player attempts to add XP to a Blanko during the Level Up animation.
  • Fixed the custom images on parties appearing stretched when viewed from the Party Bus.
  • Fixed Kub's box art displaying Season 0 rather than Season 3.
  • Fixed the default game mode when clicking 'Select Mode' still reflecting Blanko Brawl.
  • Fixed new payment methods not being saved in the Shop.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to experience increased wait times when purchasing items in the Shop.
  • Fixed the Gumball reward not displaying for the 'Complete 5 Weekly Challenges' Challenge.
  • Fixed players not being able to access the Quick Access menu after double clicking it.
  • Fixed the 'Use Custom Image' option being grayed out after entering the Block Settings page two times.
  • Fixed the outdated description for Wrecker's Dunk Skill.
  • Fixed players earning Brawl related Pins in Featured Party Bus parties.
  • Fixed the Destructible Glass prop respawning instantly when getting hit with the Blanko Bat.
  • Fixed players no longer being able to set their parties to night time.
  • Fixed the Hype Points awarded from the "Grade Up a Blanko to Good' Challenge visually subtracting after being added to the player's total Hype Points.
  • Fixed the Bun Steamer Glider no longer using its flight animation after 10 seconds.
  • Fixed players getting stuck on the Party Pass purchase screen when pressing 'Escape' twice instead of using the 'BACK' button.
  • Fixed attempting to Mash two of the same Blankos together resulting in a CHOCKSAWAY error.
  • Fixed El Xiuhcoatl's stunned particle effects not displaying every time.
  • Fixed the Rank leaderboards on the Desk not tracking KOs.


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