Season 2 Begins March 29th

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Welcome to Season 2, Party-goers~!

It’s time to enter this new season of Blankos swinging – featuring a new N.O.O.B. design, Party Pass, Blanko drop, build content, and fixes, Season 2 kicks off March 29th, at 10:00 AM PDT / 17:00 UTC!

There will be a 30-minute downtime starting at 9:30 AM PDT / 16:30 UTC in preparation for Season 2.

Let’s take a look at what Blankos Block Party has to offer in Season 2:

Season 2 N.O.O.B.

It’s not a new season of Blankos without a new N.O.O.B. on the Block – this new-to-the-world Blanko can’t wait to get their party on!

Everyone who plays Blankos Block Party during Season 2 will get their very own Season 2 N.O.O.B.!

Season 2 Party Pass: Kawaiimono

Kirā, Mekoneko, and Rumi are ready to begin their big adventure – all it’s missing is you!

Complete Challenges, obtain Hype Points, and claim EXCLUSIVE rewards in Season 2’s all new Party Pass!

Party Pass: Kawaiimono kicks off with the start of Season 2 on March 29th, at 10:00 AM PDT / 17:00 UTC.

More info can be found HERE.

Season 2 Blanko Drop - Pandamonium

We’ve got a brand new Blanko hitting the Shop in Season 2 – accompanied by 3 NEW Accessories and a CUSTOM box, get ready to embrace the Pandamonium on April 6th at 3:00 PM PDT / 22:00 UTC!

More info can be found HERE.

Season 2 Blankos have access to the same classes as Season 1 Blankos; they can be a  Bruiser, Tracer, or Trickster.

Season 2 Build Content

Season 2 brings new Build content inspired by Party Pass: Kawaiimono!


  • Painterly Grass
  • Bamboo
  • Old Pavers
  • Stone Shingles
  • Terracotta Shingles
  • Yellow Cracked Plaster

Interactive Hazards

These props do moderate damage and knockback!

  • Pendulum Sword
  • Tech Ball

Plant Life

  • Bamboo Stalks
  • Bamboo Leaves
  • Flower


A new soundtrack has been added to Build Mode also inspired by Party Pass: Kawaiimono!

Changes & Bug Fixes

Below are a list of changes and bug fixes for the start of Season 2:

These changes and fixes will go live on March 28th, at 9:00 AM PDT / 16:00 UTC, after a 1-hour downtime.


  • The ‘Daze’ effect has been removed from players affected by Wrecker’s Dunk.
  • The Merch Tent 2 and Merch Tent 3 props have been renamed to Mouth House 2 and Mouth House 3.


  • Fixed players not being able to close the 'You've got rewards!' pop-up after a Brawl Party ends.
  • Fixed the 'GradeUp a Blanko to Good' challenge tracking progress when leveling an already Good grade Blanko.
  • Fixed players getting softlocked when clicking the Challenges widget while searching for a Brawl.
  • Fixed text spilling out of the Next Reward box for Blankenstein Uncaged and Blankenstein BNB.
  • Fixed KO and Target trial parties displaying placeholder text.
  • Fixed Tracer's Downward Spiral Perk displaying an inaccurate description.
  • Fixed an overlap between the Message of the Day and Social tiles.
  • Fixed the 'Earn 40 pins in Blanko Brawl' challenge from displaying as 'Earn 50 pins in Blanko Brawl'.
  • Fixed players being able to cover each other in darts in Target Parties.
  • Fixed players not being able to chat with each other during the Brawl Results screen.


Be on the lookout for EVEN MORE content and fixes dropping during Season 2!


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