Season 1 Update 2.1

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Hey, Party-goers~!

We’ve got a new update dropping very soon, featuring a brand new Challenge System Refactor, additions to Build Mode, and bug fixes!

Season 1 Update 2.1 goes live on February 1st, at 9:00 AM PST / 17:00 UTC, after a 1-hour downtime at 8:00 AM PST / 16:00 UTC!

Challenge System Refactor

We’ve been hard at work creating a whole new system for our challenges to run on. This will hopefully result in less bugs encountered.

This new system comes just in time for Party Pass: Bzaarnival!, which goes live February 1st!

Build Mode

New Prop Category: Basic Building Parts

Everything you need to start creating your very own buildings in Blankos!

Note from The Foreman:

“We’re hoping we can get more people into build mode if there are more clearly-defined, easier-to-build props. So you won’t need to build houses, forts and other buildings with a million pieces anymore! (More like 10-or-fewer)”

New Prop Paint Finish

Speed boosts, bounce pads, trampolines, and bumpers have all been given a new blue finish! This change was made to homogenize all props that affect your movement through color to make prop effects more predictable.

Note from The Foreman:

“In an ongoing effort to create consistent experiences for players we’re color-coding mechanics.  Eventually the game will be consistent in the following way:

Blue = speed/movement

Green = health/healing

Red/Orange = danger/death

Yellow = Stun/electricity

Purple = Poison

Brown/Black = Slow (Look for our slow hazards to change soon)”

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the player's Blanko sometimes not performing an animation when equipping a new accessory.


  • Fixed the Brawl Champ sequence's audio being unaffected by the player's audio settings.


  • Fixed players being equipped with their previous Blanko when opening the GradeUP screen after equipping a new Blanko through the Quick Access menu.

Build Mode

  • Fixed the Doom Boom Caster still being referenced as Skull Gun in Build Mode.

Key Binds

  • Fixed players not being able to chat if the text chat key bind is pressed within the chat window.


  • Fixed the Tanker's Bubble Shield being on cooldown at the start of parties.
  • Fixed the Tracer's Swerve being on cooldown at the start of parties.


  • Fixed the placeholder text in the 'Last Blanko Standing' game mode.
  • Fixed an instance of the Shaman's text dialog being cut off during the tutorial.
  • Fixed moola counts not accurately updating when performing a MashUP.
  • Fixed the Doom Boom Caster's reticle getting stuck to the player's screen.
  • Fixed the player being taken to the 'Rewards' tab after closing a challenge's description.
  • Fixed prompts to claim rewards appearing multiple times after the player had already accepted them.
  • Fixed the Rewards widget on the Desk taking the player to the Challenges tab instead of the Rewards tab.


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