Season 1 Update 1.3 Drops November 17th

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...Anyone starting to feel a little chilly?

Season 1 Update 1.3 comes in full swing on November 17th, at 10:30 AM PST / 18:30 UTC, after a 30-minute maintenance!

New Game Mode

We’ve got a new activity stepping into the spotlight, and it’s been a heavily requested one as well–join me in welcoming SOCCER to the Junction!

A few soccer nets will be sprinkled around the Junction in new places everyday! It’s up to you to score goals, either for fun or to complete challenges! Or..stop your fellow Blankos from accomplishing their goals by playing goalie–ain’t no freebie goals here!

Change Log


  • Polished the audio for the TOHO Blankos.


  • Fixed other players not being able to see King Corroded’s 'Karat’s Autumn Fall' visual effects.
  • Fixed Gem Rush Blankos' Flight Accessories being replaced by the default jetpack if they walk over the jetpack prop in Block Parties.

Build Mode

  • Fixed the player losing access to all controls besides movement after deleting a selected prop with the 'Redo' function.
  • Fixed the player not being able to be KO'd in Build Mode.
  • Fixed builders being able to enter Float Mode while KO'd in Build Mode.
  • Fixed the selection billboard for the Speed Booster & Limited being inaccurate.


  • Fixed the 'Knock 500 vibes out of other Blankos' challenge progressing in Party Bus Parties.
  • Fixed inconsistencies in Party Pass challenge titles.


  • Fixed an issue where silhouettes of props could be seen through toxic water.
  • Fixed lava puddles being visually inconsistent at low-end graphics settings.
  • Fixed group members not moving on to the next Stage of Brawl after the group leader left the group.
  • Fixed pre-match inconsistencies with the Party 'Shogun Race'.
  • Fixed the beach ball not respawning after being knocked off the map.
  • Fixed players being able to avoid taking damage from the damage over time water by repeatedly jumping while traversing it.
  • Fixed forcing the player into reloading the Junction after canceling a search for a Party from the Junction portals.


  • Fixed pins that are no longer earnable still being visible in the pins list.
  • Updated 'Headshot' pin to state that it can only be earned by using the Rail Gun.


  • Fixed the Spin-Up Perk permanently staying on a Blanko if the player switches Blankos while using N.O.O.B. 's Twirl.
  • Fixed the Tracer's Swerve ability not nullifying incoming damage when active.
  • Fixed Bruiser's Armored Hull visual effects disappearing after using the skill multiple times.
  • Fixed Wrecker's ground pound visual effects being delayed.


  • Fixed the 'Claim All' button on the Party Pass Rewards page not functioning properly.
  • Fixed double clicking when Fusing or Mashing softlocking the player's game.
  • Fixed the purchase screen for Party Pass+ locking up if the player backed out of the page while it was loading.
  • Fixed the repeatable reward in the Party Pass rewards track moving upwards on the screen each time the page was visited.
  • Fixed XP Chips not reflecting  their respective color when viewing challenge rewards.
  • Fixed image assets not properly loading when accessing the Party Pass rewards track via the Live Event button.
  • Fixed level up effects not clearing if the player leaves and reenters the details page of a Blanko immediately after leveling it up.
  • Fixed the 'Rewards Claimable' UI overlapping the progression status of your next reward.
  • Fixed players not visually receiving moola from a Brawl until after restarting their game.
  • Fixed some Blankos in the Social tab unintendedly facing forward.


  • Fixed projectiles not despawning and the inaccurate projectile rotation for the Piggy Bank Gun.


  • Fixed the player being able to select two Gumballs at once when Fusing two Blankos on controller.
  • Fixed the player soft locking when opening the Quick Access menu after listing their equipped blanko on the Marketplace.
  • Removed the wispy, lost soul from the Junction.
  • Fixed players being able to move around while the 'Blanko's movement has changed' pop-up is active.


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