Season 1 Hotfix 2.0.1

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Hey, Party-goers~

Season 1 Hotfix 2.0.1 introduces a fix for the chat bug you all have been encountering since our recent update, as well as some other bug fixes!

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed players only being able to chat in parties through the pause menu.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed players being able to complete the ‘Strike another Blanko using the Snowball Launcher in the Junction’ in non-Junction instances, and without the Snowball Launcher.
  • Fixed Blankos’ mint number strings in the Marketplace section of the Shop.
  • Fixed the Shop closing completely in the Junction when attempting to close the details of an item.
  • Fixed new players not being able to equip their accessory rewards after completing the tutorial until they relaunch their game.
  • Fixed players not being able to select from all of their duplicate accessories if they own more than six of that accessory.


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