Quick Trades Are Now Live on the Mythical Marketplace

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The Mythical Games team is proud to roll out a groundbreaking new feature to the Mythical Marketplace today: it’s time for Quick Trades!

While players previously could buy and sell items from each other using MYTH tokens as a medium of exchange, Quick Trades will now allow players to trade their items directly for other items. Players will no longer need to conduct two transactions to swap with other players; they can select the inventory they want and offer up items of commensurate value in exchange.

The feature is designed to be fast and convenient, helping players and collectors get the items they want or need while also clearing out the ones they no longer wish to have. Any item with a Quick Sell price on the market will get priced accordingly and is eligible for a Quick Trade.

To start the process, players can click “Quick Trade” in the navbar at the top and then select the items they’d like to trade out of their inventory.

Price points in these images are merely examples to demonstrate the new feature and not intended to communicate explicit values.

Next, players can select the cards they want to add to their collection. The total values based on Quick Sell prices will be tallied up and players will see the transaction checkout screen prompting them with any discrepancies in MYTH values and to accept the marketplace fee.

From there, players can click “Trade” and relax while the system conducts the necessary checks and trades to move the items between the players’ inventories. Once the transaction is fully completed, they’ll receive a notification confirming the transaction is complete.

As long as items have Quick Sell prices, they can be acquired via Quick Trades. There is no limit to the amount of Quick Trades a player can make, but each transaction will be capped at 5 items on either side.

To make the best use of Quick Trades, players should act promptly and swiftly to secure their desired cards as other players will also be able to concurrently start Quick Trades for the same items. Moving fast will greatly increase the odds that players can successfully complete Quick Trade transactions.


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