Party Pass: Season 4 TOY BOX BLITZ

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Party Pass: TOY BOX BLITZ goes live with Season 4 on July 19th at 10:00 AM PDT / 17:00 UTC, after a 1-hour downtime at 9:00 AM PDT / 16:00 UTC!

Complete Challenges, collect Hype Points, and earn EXCLUSIVE rewards such as NFTs & Emotes!

FREE Track Rewards

All players have the opportunity to earn these exclusive rewards for absolutely FREE:

[NFT] Pedro Pectorales Blanko

Tier 70 [675 / 811 Hype Points]

A legend in the Chaos Clash Wrestling ring, Pedro Pectorales is always ready to slam some sense into would be challengers. Think twice before you step into the ring with this powerhouse…You’re liable to get hit with his PecsFlex Piledriver!

[NFT] Dolly Derby Crazyface Bracelet Accessory

Tier 17 [77 / 811 Hype Points]

A special friendship bracelet hand-threaded by Dolly Derby and gifted to her closest Pocket Pixie Pals.

[NFT] Inferno Force Kicks Accessory

Tier 37 [245 / 811 Hype Points]

Show off your fire footwork with these custom CCW kicks worn by the Inferno Force when they smacked down every opponent in the Chaos Clash Wrestling league.

[NFT] Inferno Force Mask Accessory

Tier 54 [451 / 811 Hype Points]

The mask of the most elite tag team in all of Chaos Clash Wrestling history. The Inferno Force fight by one mantra: More muscles, more power. Bring the Heat.

The Mayhem Maneuver Emote

Descend into Mayhem.

8 Random Gumballs & 90000 XP

300 Blanko Bucks & 17500 moola

PARTY PASS+ Track Rewards

Purchasing Party Pass+ ($14.99) gives you the opportunity to earn these additional exclusive rewards:

[NFT] Dolly Derby Blanko

Tier 1 [3 / 811 Hype Points]

Meet Dolly Derby the newest Pocket Pixie Pal! She may be pint-sized, but she ain't dainty. From her chain wallet to her emerald studded sneakers, Dolly's a fashion icon with a sharp edge. Compatible with all Pocket Pixie accessories!

[NFT] Dolly Derby Studded Belt Accessory

Tier 28 [159 / 811 Hype Points]

Dolly Derby likes her style choices to make a point. This studded belt is one of her favorite statement pieces.

[NFT] LGS Brain Bucket Accessory

Tier 45 [335 / 811 Hype Points]

Formed from the finest ABS plastic in a precision mold, this helmet’s designed to keep the noggins of Green GI safe and sound through concussive blasts and hard hitting bass drops.

[NFT] LGS Parachute Flight Accessory

Tier 52 [423 / 811 Hype Points]

This parachute pack is standard issue for paratroopers in the Little Green Airborne Infantry. When Command calls in and airstrike, these 'chutes give the guys in green the tactical advantage they need to take the high ground.

[NFT] Little Green Soldier Blanko

Tier 63 [577 / 811 Hype Points]

From the fields of battle to the bottom of the toy box, this soldier’s seen some things. Things that would make lesser toys tremble in fear. Still, this soldier remains stalwart—reporting for duty every time their card's called.

Dolly Doo-wop Emote

Dance with me, Dolly.

Little Green Soldier Salute Emote


6 Exclusive + 4 Recurring Gumballs & 250000 XP

300 Blanko Bucks & 50000 moola

Party Pass: TOY BOX BLITZ will be available until September 13th!


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