Party Pass: Pardon Our Dust drops November 23rd

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Hey, party-goers! Party Pass: Pardon Our Dust rolls into the Junction today at 9:00 AM PST / 17:00 UTC after a 15-minute downtime starting at 8:45 AM PST / 16:45 UTC. This Party Pass will only be available until December 7, 2022.

Many of you were excited for our upcoming Party Pass: Cosmic Groove! However, we needed to address some issues. There have been quite a few bugs when it comes to our Challenges and that’s been leading to a less than awesome experience for everyone. We’ve seen several of these issues sprout up when Challenges reset and know that it’s been affecting some player experiences.

We needed to know where these issues arose and how we could go about better resolving them. One of the newest additions was additional logging. By utilizing additional logging, we have identified some of the issues and potential solutions. However, in order to ensure a smoother experience, we’ve decided to delay Party Pass: Cosmic Groove by 2 weeks.

With this delay, we’re hoping we can address some of the major issues we see sprouting up with Challenges. These bug fixes should help to provide a more stable experience with Challenges. We can’t promise that we won’t see some hiccups along the way, but we will be working full force and releasing hot fixes over the coming weeks.

During the Party Pass: Pardon Our Dust, you may run into a few issues as we’re actively working to address things. As not all issues will have the same result from logs, we thank you  for your help in providing your logs and helping us to gain as much data as possible in our investigations.

You can find instructions on submitting logs here.

Read more below on Pardon Our Dust’s challenges and rewards to earn!



Party Pass Pardon Our Dust’s rewards track features XP, moola, Gumballs, Blanko Bucks and an NFT!

The rewards for this Pass will be available to all players; there will not be a Party Pass+ track for Party Pass: Pardon Our Dust.

15,000 XP

16,000 moola

4 Gumballs

300 Blanko Bucks

1x Visage Blanko

Optional Seasonal Challenges reward 2K XP Chips upon completion.

Enjoy this quick stopover at Party Pass: Pardon Our Dust!


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