Party Pass Extension Update

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Early Access is a time for us to iterate, test, try new things, and learn in order to build the best experience we possibly can. One of the most radical changes to Blankos Block Party that we introduced at the launch of Early Access was the Party Pass; one of our key play-to-earn mechanics.

We’re learning a ton from you about what you value and what you don't in the Party Pass, leveling, rewards, and more. When making the decision to extend the Party Pass, we wanted to give players more opportunities to engage with this really revolutionary way to earn NFTs, just by playing the game. But we’ve heard you loud and clear.

We communicated a start and end date for the Party Pass and we will be honoring that. The original end date of the Party Pass will be maintained as August 3rd, 2AM PT in order to retain the anticipated scarcity of the Poppy NFT and protect its value. In hindsight, this aligns better with our principles at Mythical and Blankos, and with the core tenet of play-to-earn NFTs. As always, we appreciate the player feedback that helped lead us to this decision.

What happens with the extension?

When the Party Pass ends on August 3rd, the Party Pass levels will restart and a new set of Party Pass tiers will be available. We’ll be adding new rewards, dailies, weeklies, and seasonal challenges. This includes the previously mentioned NFT Toaster Backpack.

We want to reiterate that we’re testing a lot of things during this time of Early Access, and we’re learning a lot from the community response. Keep talking to us - what you care about is important to us and will help define the future of Blankos and our vision for Mythical.


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