Party Pass: Cosmic Groove Drops December 7th

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It's time to land among the stars–Party Pass Season 1: Cosmic Groove comes in for a landing on December 7th, at 9:00 AM PST / 17:00 UTC!

There will be a 30-minute downtime at 8:30 AM PST / 16:30 UTC in preparation for this new Party Pass.

Full of Emotes, Consumables, Currency, and NFTs more amazing than anything in the known universe, Party Pass: Cosmic Groove is truly out of this world!

Complete Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal challenges and earn Hype Points to unlock EXCLUSIVE rewards:

Free Track Rewards

Everyone has the opportunity to earn these rewards for absolutely FREE:

[NFT Blanko] Cassiopeia

Tier 70 [675 / 813 Hype Points]

Heave to and all hands hoy! The sturdiest sailor in the boundless sky, Cassiopeia’s chased her share of comets and charted undiscovered planets. Now she's shipping out to chase a monster under a mad captain... what fate lies in this salty dog's stars?

[NFT Accessory] Cosmic Creepers

Tier 17 [77 / 813 Hype Points]

Rugged enough to bound across alien terrain and chic enough to wear to the Cosmic Admiral’s ball, these creepers are a must in any space traveler’s wardrobe.

[NFT Accessory] Orbital Bracelet

Tier 37 [245 / 813 Hype Points]

Does your ice glint and glitter like the moons of a lost planet? This bracelet, plundered from a sinking spaceship, twinkles like the stars in the sky.

[NFT Accessory] Orion’s Belt

Tier 54 [451 / 813 Hype Points]

Some say Cassiopeia wrestled this belt off the legendary Orion himself. Others say it just holds up her trousers.

[Emote] En Garde

Swash a few buckles!

[Emote] Free-Float

Leave your troubles on the ground!

[Consumable] 6 Random Gumballs & 50,000 XP

[Currency] 300 Blanko Bucks & 17,500 moola

Party Pass+ Track Rewards

Purchasing Party Pass+ for $14.99 gives you the opportunity to earn these additional, exclusive rewards:

[NFT Blanko] Captain Adhara

Tier 1 [3 / 813 Hype Points]

How long has Adhara hunted the sky-beast Hesperiad? Rumors in starports say they’ve wrecked ships and burned through crews in the chase, risking death a thousand times for a glimpse of the creature. But maybe, just maybe... this voyage will be the one.

[NFT Accessory] Adhara’s Helm

Tier 28 [159 / 813 Hype Points]

Any adventurer worth their starstuff knows: your helmet is your best friend. The thin bubble between you and endless nothingness. Take good care of it and it will keep you safe in return.

[NFT Accessory] Hesperiad’s Gyre

Tier 45 [335 / 813 Hype Points]

Legend tells of a galaxy trapped inside a gem – a hidden map, if one knows how to examine it. Twist and turn the spinning rings of this necklace just right and it might tell you where Hesperiad slumbers.

[NFT Flight Accessory] The Adhara Flyer

Tier 52 [423 / 813 Hype Points]

It took many years of tinkering and a few almost-deaths in the endlessness of space, but Captain Adhara’s custom flyer is finally ready. Twin boosters powered by starstuff: powerful enough to hunt Hesperiad down.

[NFT Blanko] Hesperiad

Tier 63 [577 / 813 Hype Points]

The ancients looked to the sky and saw heroes and monsters. Did one of them, staring up into the depths of space, glimpse a flicker in the dark between the planets? Almost like the wink of an eye? And did that eye, endless and bright, stare back?

[Emote] Spacewalk

It’s not flailing, it’s Zero-G racing!

[Emote] Cosmic Dance

Dance like gravity can’t hold you down!

[Emote] Zero-G Somersault

Getting dizzy yet?

[Emote] Moon Bounce

Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce!

[Consumable] 6 Exclusive Gumballs & 250,000 XP

[Currency] 300 Blanko Bucks & 50,000 moola

Are you ready to suit up and take on whatever the universe has in store for you? Party Pass: Cosmic Groove will be in orbit until February 1st!


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