Party Pass: Bizaarnival! Drops February 1st

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Grab your beads, Party-goers, the real party is just around the corner – Party Pass Season 1: Bizaarnival! springs into the spotlight on February 1st, at 9:00 AM PST / 17:00 UTC!

There will be a 1-hour downtime starting at 8:00 AM PST / 16:00 UTC in preparation for this new Party Pass.

Complete Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal challenges and earn Hype Points to earn consumables, currency, and unlock EXCLUSIVE Emotes and NFTs:

Free Track Rewards

Everyone has the opportunity to earn these EXCLUSIVE rewards for absolutely FREE:

[NFT] Foole Blanko

Tier 70 [675 / 812 Hype Points]

The talented Foole will juggle knives, sing songs, and weave any tale… except for one. Their own. Though Foole’s past is a mystery this sly Blanko is dead-set on their future: becoming the ruler of the Bizaarnival. Let the party begin!

[NFT] Carnival Wrist Twist Accessory

Tier 17 [77 / 812 Hype Points]

Don’t get it twisted – VIBs (Very Important Blankos) flex this flashy wristwear for exclusive access to the Bizaarnival’s bumpin-est parade floats. Don’t have one? Crash the party anyway. Anything goes at Bizaarnival!

[NFT] Bizaarnival Beads Accessory

Tier 37 [245 / 812 Hype Points]

The hottest commodity at Bizaarnival. Stack ‘em, throw ‘em, display 'em. Fashion them into fabulous costumery like Queen Festivia. Blankos will go to great lengths to get their hands on these beads… you might want to cover your eyes.

[NFT] Foole’s Cap ‘N Bells Accessory

Tier 54 [451 / 812 Hype Points]

Jingle, jingle. Wherever you turn, you hear the bells but see nothing. The jester spins you with the deftness of a master juggler – jingle, jingle! Foole’s knocked you out of the Brawl.

Jester Pester Emote

Act the fool.

Can-Can Emote

Can’t coordinate the perfect celebration with your team? Now you can-can!

6 Random Gumballs & 50,000 XP

300 Blanko Bucks & 17,500 moola

Party Pass+ Track Rewards

Purchasing Party Pass+ for $14.99 gives you the opportunity to earn these additional, EXCLUSIVE rewards:

[NFT] La Plume Blanko

Tier 1 [3 / 812 Hype Points]

La Plume may've descended from great Bizaarnival monarchs, but she's always shied from the limelight. That is, until her featherlight feet and elegant dancing caught Festivia’s eye. Now with a new patroness – who knows? We could be looking at a new Queen!

[NFT] Glamor Guise Accessory

Tier 28 [159 / 812 Hype Points]

It’s Bizaarnival traditional to try on wild new styles – use the party to become a new Blanko. Are you glamorous? Mysterious? Or just full on weird? You can be anyone you want at Bizaarnival!

[NFT] La Plume’s Satinfeather Fan Accessory

Tier 45 [335 / 812 Hype Points]

The beautiful Satinfeather Fan has been passed through generations of La Plume’s royal line. Rumor has it that it increases the joy of any who observes its elegant, graceful, and delicate movements.

[NFT] Wings of Festivia Flight Accessory

Tier 52 [423 / 812 Hype Points]

If you really want to bring the party, waving atop a parade float just doesn’t cut it. Festivia takes to the skies on these glittering wings – a gift from her adoring fans – so that she may dazzle every Blanko no matter how tall or small.

[NFT] Festivia Blanko

Tier 63 [577 / 812 Hype Points]

She’s the reigning Queen of Bizaarnival and she’s got the beads to prove it! Bedecked in the finest baubles from her adoring fans, Festivia bestows beads to her loyal partiers. Want to earn Festivia’s favor? Don’t bow for the Queen – groove for her!

Bizaarnival Boogie Emote

Own the parade with this boastful boogie!

Feather Fan Flutter Emote

Set hearts aflutter with your flirtatious fan moves!

Air Trumpet Emote

Band together and make some noise!

Royal Wave Emote

Give your rivals a royal send-off.

6 Exclusive Gumballs & 250,000 XP

300 Blanko Bucks & 50,000 moola

Get ready to be the life of the party and dance the night away, Party Pass: Bizaarnival! will be in town until March 29th!


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