Open Beta Patch 4

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We have another exciting patch dropping tomorrow! On Wednesday, April 7th at 10 AM PDT, we will be deploying a new patch and there will be a 30-minute downtime starting at 9:30 AM PDT as we deploy this new patch.

Open Beta Patch 4 will lay the foundations for a major update arriving in May, and introduces exciting new moving build props! We have incredible updates in the future, but let’s look at what’s dropping on April 7th.


Eons of evolution endowed Fathomz with an amphibious advantage. From the murky depths of a swamp, or lurking in the shadows of a storm drain, this Blanko is poised to pounce.

Artist: Pete Fowler

Drop time: April 7th at 3PM PDT



Marketplace Update

Our latest communication about the upcoming Marketplace provides a first look at the design and features. The ability to buy, sell, and own your Blankos is a critical part of our vision and we cannot wait to start opening it up more to players.

Open Beta Patch 4 lays the foundation for the Marketplace. You won’t see these updates, but it is a big step to get the integrations needed for the Marketplace roll out.



This is such an awesome moment for us as these build props are something we’ve envisioned to be in the game for a while. As stated in the build mode roadmap update, these objects open up a huge amount of freedom and creativity in your block building. The best part is these new props have a series of custom settings to help you create the best game possible and give you the freedom to create so many new experiences.

Fork and Ball Pendulums

These pendulums will create exciting new obstacles for your maps. You can edit the speed at which they swing and you can add an offset if you want to add multiple pendulums that you want to start at different times.

Star Spinner

This spinning platform can be placed as an object on the ground to cause some nauseating spins or set it up vertically for obstacles. These are going to really add some fun opportunities for builders!

Roller Circle and Square

These objects spin on an axis that I’m sure will result in some hilarious obstacle for Blankos. You can adjust the speed and direction.

Moving Cube

Set this cube to move in specific directions, speeds, and set the distance and delay that you want for these. Perfect for creating platformer obstacles, moving ground surfaces, or an object to help Blankos get to higher ground.

Danger Plane Square and Circle

Want to set a moving area of danger for Blankos? "Keep Blankos on their toes because if this area reaches them, it's game over (for now!)"

Danger Balls

Indiana Jones running from that boulder will look like a cake walk compared to Blankos running from lava and spike balls. Select the Danger Ball in the interactives menu and you can edit the design to be spikey or lavay.

Bounce Pads and Bounce Bumpers

Create a Block Party where the Blankos playing it have to be a pinball wizard to navigate it. Or simply add a little chaos into the mix with these bouncy objects.

Kaboom Animations

With these new physics in place, your Blanko will go kaboom if caught in the physics of the objects. So be careful where you move!


In Open Beta Patch 4, we are adding a lot of backend improvements to make matchmaking a smoother experience. Things like optimizing load times, matchmaking easier blocks for new users, and much more. We hope this will be a first step to improving the matchmaking experience.


  • We’ve increased the Default Ammo on Shooter Block Parties.
  • Introduce Aim Assist for controllers. For more info on Aim Assist, check out this blog.


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