Open Beta Patch 2

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New Year, New Patch, New Blankos! We know you all have been excited for this one: our first patch of 2021! We know you’re craving more content and fixes, and all your feedback is being listened to and evaluated. Our goal has always been to build this game with you.

Open Beta Patch 3 is scheduled for March, we’ll be sharing more info as we get closer to that date. But first, let's check out what's arriving Feb 2nd.



Show your shelf some love with this new Blanko hellbent on giving hugs and kisses. Available solo or in a bundle with accessories on February 2nd at 10AM PST until March 1st.

Blankos and Chill?


Will you answer the call of the Seafarer Oni? This Blanko from artist Jon-Paul Kaiser enters the Junction on Feb. 2nd.

Answer the call.


The mighty Space Ape cannot be tamed... but it can be collected. Space Ape by vinyl toy artist James Groman hits the Junction on Feb 2nd.

The party is only just getting started.


The Stupid Cupid accessories are available in the in-game store in the Stupid Cupid Bundle or available individually.


New Flight attachment

Spread some love by sniping friends in the face. Note that this is a Build Mode only item.


It's the year of the Ox! And to celebrate, we have some awesome accessories available.


Mess with the Ox, you get the horns.


Ring in the new year!


We're adding over 35 different build props! These are all default props and will show up in your build inventory.

Puffy Platforms
Great for Clouds and tree canopies!

Thin Platform Variants
You asked for thinner walls and floors, and you're getting them!

Terrain Hexes
Full of details, great for filling in areas quickly.

Grate Decor Square and Railings

Curved Bar, Round Bar, Round Bar Thin, Donut, Pipe Ring Quarter, Track Bridge, Slide Curvy.

Glass Dome, Windscreen Flat, Windows; Round and Square.

Antenna, Radar Dish, Ship Wheel.

Light Cube and Light Sphere

Updated Base Weapons
The base weapons are getting a bit of a color update in order to help players differentiate them.



We have a lot of updates coming up for shooting. We are testing improvements to reticle, accuracy, aim assist, hitscan, line of sight, and camera improvements for shooting in the near future. Keep an eye out for some of these in future patches.

Grenade Launcher
We know the Grenade Launcher is not exactly in the best place. So we’re introducing a few things to make it a bit more fun to play with. First, the grenades now bounce! They will bounce off objects and terrain but will now stick to other Blankos.

Additionally, it was sometimes hard to judge the grenades’ timer, so now there is a visible ticking down effect. This should help with knowing how to time the detonation.

Finally, you’ll need to be careful because the area of effect will now damage the player who shot it. Note: it will not damage teammates.


We're working on a lot of fixes for racing, especially the start of races and checkpoints. Open Beta Patch 2 is just the start of a lot of tweaks that will be coming.

Boost system based on distance from the starting line

Tired of getting left behind when you spawn further away from a start line in your favourite race? We have added a short boost to your starting speed based on how far away you are from the start line. More improvements coming in this area soon so keep watching!

Players start at the same time

Prior to this change, a race would time how long it took you between crossing the start line, and crossing the finish line. The results were then ordered based on how long that took. This meant if 2 people started a race, one person could go through the start line, then end line, and seemingly finish first with a time of, for example, one minute. However, until the second person actually crossed the start line their timer hadn't actually started! If they crossed the start line, then end line, with a time of 30 seconds they would still win: despite not finishing "before" the other player. Confusing!

Now, after the 3, 2, 1 all players will have "started" immediately, it doesn't matter if they have crossed the start line, the race is on!

Quick Restart for Trials

Speedrunning Trials has a big hurdle right now because there’s no restart. Well, now you can restart a trial at any time. Restarting a Trial will send you back to the start at the “3, 2, 1…” sequence. Restarting can be triggered by either the main menu or by pressing and holding Ctrl+M keys.

We have also changed the “reset to last checkpoint” key to Ctrl+N. We don’t want you to accidentally press these triggers, so adding the Ctrl will add an extra step.

Position in Race Displayed

At times, it was hard to tell what place you are in during a race. It’s a bit hidden behind the Tab button. We’re adding the display of your position in a race on the HUD, so you can always tell if you’re leading the pack, or in last place… like I usually am.

Look out for some more updates in this area coming soon!

Checkpoint Display Update

Also if you’re like me, sometimes you don’t always see where the next checkpoint is. We’ve made some visual updates to call out checkpoints. We’re still working on making this more clear, but this is the first step.

Better Feedback For Checkpoints

Instant feedback is now displayed for passing through checkpoints. At times, there was a slight delay, and this has been addressed.

Build Mode

Interactive Flight Attachment

Flying is no longer for the ~cool~ Blankos only. We are allowing builders to place an Interactive Object that is a Flight Attachment. This allows a Flight Attachment to be used by players for the duration of the Block Party. This should help when you forget to equip a Flight Attachment, or if you’re a new player and don’t have one yet.

We’re adding this to Horse’s Block Party called Eaglewild Skydive so you can hop into game and try it out when the patch deploys.

Surface Snap Mode

We’re introducing a new snap mode called Surface. This new mode snaps objects to surfaces, which is different from the Magnet Snap Mode which snaps objects to magnetic blue snap points. This will allow more freedom in placement when snapping objects.

Teleport to Cursor

Flying by balloon power is super cool, but also is a little inefficient. So we’re adding a teleport to cursor feature that’ll have you zipping around your build.

Soft Save Prop Selection in Category

In the quick access menu, we will be saving the last used item in each category, so when you change categories the menu will highlight your last used item. This is a small but nice quality of life change for builders.

Prop Categorization

We’re updating the categories for props! There are just TOO MANY Basics. So we split them into: Basic Shapes (Things like cubes and tracks) Basic Landscape (Things like rocks and our new puffy platforms) and Basic Bits (For more thematic decorative elements that still give the flexibility of material swapping. Things like our new Radar Dish and Ships Wheel.)

General Party

Party Info

We’re adding the Block Creator name to the lobby info panel. The Lobby info will also carry over to the start of the race to the countdown sequence. Remember to thank your Builders!

End of Block Party Screens

We’re making this sequence as a whole a bit faster and snappier. You’ll have a bit more time to vote on the next Block as well. This is a frustration felt on our side too, so we’re working on getting this to feel right.


Let’s be honest, the old main menu left a lot to be desired. Well, we’ve fully updated the main menu to break things out a bit better. This is a big quality of life update that we’ll continue working on.

Removed Delay in Menus

There is a slight delay when selecting certain options in the menus. We’ve addressed this and should now be faster.

Bug Fixes

We have over 300 Bug Fixes arriving in Patch 2! We will be listing some of the key ones here.

Coming Soon


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