Open Beta Hotfix 12/17/2020

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This hotfix is going to be deployed to address a few key issues. The game servers will be brought down for deployment at 10AM PST on Thursday December 17th, and we expect a 30minute downtime with the servers back up at 10:30AM PST.

Here’s what’s changing.


This is a big one for us. We have been working hard on fixing this issue and we are addressing this in the hotfix. We will be deploying a fix, but if you do still experience any saving issues, please immediately contact with a detailed report of what happened.


We are going to be adding in a Message of the Day. This is going to be a key communication area for us, so that you know what is going on in the Junction.


We’ve noticed that players will exit out of Block Parties that are incomplete or are not well designed, which means they cannot rate them. We will be monitoring and aggregating player churn on Blocks. If a lot of players are exiting out of your Block before it’s done, it may get a lower ranking.

The rating system has impact on the filtering into the Quickplay matchmaking, and so we strongly encourage you to rate up well designed Blocks and rate down Blocks that still need some work.


You sneaky little Blankos. Many players were taking the guns from Raif’s quests and shooting other Blankos. While this is funny the first time, it ruins the experience for many, so the Blanko gods have flipped the Friendly Fire mode on in the Junction.


There was an issue where pressing Start Party would end the filling of the party even if it was still accepting players. Start Party will only trigger now if the lobby is “waiting for additional players”.



  • FIXED - Failing Crazy 28 can result in a state where no NPCs are interactable.
  • FIXED - When completing Raif's quests an error can be seen 'Shouldn't be destroying an inactive projectile, projectile is in state Reusable'
  • FIXED - Headbangers platforms can drag users down when trying to jump
  • FIXED - On various occasions, the gig/quest dialog won't get cleaned up if it's on-screen whilst transition/navigating between scenes.
  • FIXED - Incorrect naming of yellow sneakers/speed shoes in Quest Reward

The Junction

  • FIXED - When a large amount of darts/projectiles are spawned within the Junction the framerate will drop below 30fps
  • FIXED - Junction vibes have no sound after grabbing them.

Block Parties

  • FIXED - Lobby will sometimes sit on 'players loading' for 60 seconds even though all players were loaded in.
  • FIXED - The Party bus option is greyed out in rare cases after completing tutorial, and playing through a few Quickplay matches.
  • FIXED - Name tags will vibrate/jitter when the player or other players run alongside each other
  • FIXED - When jumping against the wall in Headbangers Ball Trial and then pathing into it the camera shakes
  • FIXED - You can open the Crews menu during a party lobby when you only have 1 blanko.
  • FIXED - Using the dash ability players can move between two surfaces.


  • FIXED - "Back to Store" text overflows it's button container.

General Issues

  • FIXED - When getting disconnected from the game via a disruption in internet service, there was an error message that said the player was banned. This has been changed to “disconnected” to avoid confusion.
  • FIXED - There was an issue where players would sometimes get an error if their computer’s language was set to German. This issue was specific to the launcher and was resolved on Tuesday with the release of the 1.1.24 launcher.


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