Offers Are Coming to the Mythical Marketplace

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Offers Are Coming to the Mythical Marketplace for NFL Rivals

Rivals, there’s a huge new upgrade coming to the Mythical Marketplace: Offers!

You may have noticed a new button appearing on items in the marketplace listings that says “Make an offer,” which will eventually allow you to submit offers to purchase digital items at the price of your choosing.

We’ll be launching the Offers feature in phases with the first phase called “Instant sell”. Players may receive offers from an NFL Rivals-focused wallet controlled by Mythical Games for the purposes of testing the offer functionality, so players will only be able to use the selling component of this feature until the next phase.

When viewing player cards and other items in their inventory, players might see a button marked “Instant sell” on the item details with a price listed above in MYTH and the current USD equivalent. This means someone has made an offer for the card and the owner of the item is free to accept the price and instantly sell the card, list it for sale at a different price, or simply ignore the offer and continue to hold the item until a better offer is made.

If a player doesn’t see an offered price, there is not currently an offer made for the item.

Offers can be withdrawn at any time, so players are encouraged to act promptly on them if they wish to sell the item and agree with the price offered.

Soon, we’ll expand the feature to enable all marketplace participants to make offers. We hope you enjoy the upgrades we’re making to the Mythical Marketplace; we have many more to come!


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