NFL Rivals Is Live on Prime Gaming

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Rivals, we’re proud to announce our new 6-month partnership with Prime Gaming!

Starting in October (today!) and for each month of the partnership, we’re dropping a new in-game prize on the Prime Gaming page for any and all NFL Rivals players to claim: 10 base player cards to help new players build and fill out their lineups or to help experienced ones collect some position upgrade points, a $15 value!

Here’s how to claim the giveaway each month:

  1. Download NFL Rivals from Google Play or the App Store
  2. Add or create a Mythical account in the game
  3. Go to the NFL Rivals page on Prime Gaming and click the claim button. If you're experiencing issues claiming content on your iOS device, please try  using the Safari web browser to complete the claim.
  4. Complete the new player walkthrough (if you’ve already done it, we’ll skip this for you)

Like an Amazon order, your prize will be there waiting for you!

If you don’t have the game installed first, the Prime Gaming claim button will direct you to download it from Google Play or the App Store. In the Front Office, you’ll see a Prime Gaming button if you’ve completed the claiming process and it will show whether or not you’ve linked your account.

You’ll see a red exclamation point on the Front Office icon if you have not completed the account linking process for the Prime Gaming reward. Once you click on the Prime Gaming button in the Front Office, it will prompt you to complete the account linking process to claim your prize.

We’re massively excited for this team-up with Prime Gaming and hope you are, too!


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