NFL Rivals 2024 Player of the Year Program

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We hope you like the new Crafting feature, Rivals, because we have a super crafty program dropping in the game this week!

The NFL Rivals team has picked its own set of Players of the Year (P.O.T.Y.) by position and is dropping one each week over a 12-week period. Each week, we’ll also release new cards for 6 players who gave that particular P.O.T.Y.’s team a rough time last season. At the middle and end of the P.O.T.Y. program, we’ll also be dropping Mythical cards for the 2023 AP Offensive & Defensive Players of the Year.

Weekly P.O.T.Y. Challenges

Each week, our pick for the position P.O.T.Y. will receive a 140 PWR Legendary card that can only be collected by crafting a very specific recipe.

Some of the weekly hero cards dropping:

  • Raheem Mostert, RB for the Miami Dolphins
  • Lamar Jackson, QB for the Baltimore Ravens
  • Penei Sewell, OL for the Detroit Lions
  • DaRon Bland, CB for the Dallas Cowboys

Alongside the weekly P.O.T.Y., we’ll drop 6 player cards (2 Rare, 2 Epic, and 2 Legendary) featuring players that gave the P.O.T.Y. picks and their teams extra challenging games during the season. Those cards can be acquired the same as Gridiron Standout cards, in Base Player Packs and in purchasable packs, and they can be won in weekly events.

Additionally, these P.O.T.Y. program cards can be combined in a crafting recipe to snag one of the next highest rarity level, so you can use Rare P.O.T.Y. cards to craft one random Epic and Epic P.O.T.Y. cards to craft one random Legendary! 

Once you have some POTY program cards, you’ll be able to craft the weekly P.O.T.Y. pick card following this recipe:

  • 1 Rare P.O.T.Y. program card from that week
  • 1 Epic P.O.T.Y. program card from that week
  • 1 Legendary P.O.T.Y. program card from that week
  • 3 LE player cards of any rarity, from any program, as long as they have the same position as the weekly P.O.T.Y. pick card

To help make it easier to collect these P.O.T.Y. cards, we’re running weekly events that shouldn’t be too challenging. As long as you hit the top score threshold, you’ll receive one of the P.O.T.Y. program cards.Each of those events will require you to use only base cards and the cards from a specific program (like Monster Smash or Cold Snap). To make life a little easier, we’ll be putting base cards that match each program lineup up for gem purchasing, so you can use up some of those older Blueprints.

Claiming the Mythical P.O.T.Y. Cards

Around the middle of the P.O.T.Y. program and at the end, you’ll be able to craft the Mythical P.O.T.Y. cards.

First up, you’ll be able to craft a Mythical P.O.T.Y. card for San Francisco 49ers RB and 2023 AP Offensive Player of the Year Christian McCaffrey by using 3 of the P.O.T.Y. pick cards: one from the first two weeks, one from weeks 3 or 4, and one from weeks 5 or 6.

At the end of the program, you’ll be able to do the same thing with Cleveland Browns DE and 2023 AP Defensive Player of the Year Myles Garrett by using 3 of the P.O.T.Y. pick cards: one from weeks 7 or 8, one from weeks 9 or 10, and one week from the last weeks of the P.O.T.Y. program.

The Mythical cards will be visible from the start of the program, but cannot be crafted until the eligible crafting recipe cards are available. Each Mythical card may only be minted once per player.

We’re so excited for this new program, Rivals, and we hope you are too. What do you think of our picks? Share your position picks each week in the community chat!


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