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We have a major update live on the Mythical Marketplace and Blankos Block Party webstore today!

As you know, we’ve integrated Uphold into the Mythical Wallet, making it so you can use crypto for payments. With the ability to spend with crypto on the Mythical Marketplace, it seemed only natural to transition into applying the same practice to our webstore!

That’s right, we’re adding Uphold support to our webstore, meaning you’ll be able to use your Mythical Wallet for purchases on the webstore. You’ll now be able to use crypto to pay for our upcoming limited and unlimited Blankos drops! Make sure you link your Uphold account to the Mythical Marketplace to get started with this.

On top of that, SPINBACK! You make that huge sale on the Mythical Marketplace and now you have funds sitting in your Mythical Wallet. What you do with your funds is your choice, but we’ve decided to open up another door for you! Instead of using the Mythical Wallet funds to purchase on the Mythical Marketplace, you can choose to purchase via the webstore now.

We’ll also be removing BitPay from our webstore. We understand that we had some members of our community utilizing this feature to pay with crypto, but now that we have the Mythical Wallet integrated, you’re free to pay using your Mythical Wallet’s funds or your crypto through Uphold!

We’re so excited to continue improving your experience with the Mythical Marketplace, and with our next update, our webstore! Thank you for your continued support of Mythical Games and Blankos Block Party.


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