Mythical Marketplace Introduction

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Missed out on a Blanko drop? Want to complete your Blanko collection? Or maybe you've got some spare rare Blankos that you'd be willing to part with. Enter the Mythical Marketplace!

The Mythical Marketplace is our web-based exchange to host the buying and selling of digital Blankos. This is unlike anything that has ever been done in AAA gaming, and we are building it. We strongly believe in the future of utility for NFTs, blockchain, and ownership of your digital items in games. This is the first step in bringing this concept to reality.

Buying and Selling Blankos

The Marketplace will be an NFT collector’s dream. Easily list Blankos from your web-based collection, or securely buy a listed Blanko from users in USD or Ether. This collection is the same as your collection from your Shelf in-game, and your transactions will be reflected on the web collection and in-game. While this is web-based to start, we do have plans for deeper in-game integration.

In the Marketplace, all the information you need for a successful experience will be displayed. Search by issue number, season release, artist, Blanko skills, levels, latest sales, lowest/highest listing, item transaction history, boxed/unboxed, and much more.

This is where all the Blankos that are available will be listed.
When you click on a Blanko you want to buy or sell, you'll see all the listed Blankos available, including your own Blankos that are in your collection.
When you find the Blanko you want, you can see the details of that Blanko including the item history, skills, level, artist, and more.

Update: Blankos uses the dGoods format on our EOSIO chain. This allows us to have an environmentally friendly Proof-of-Authority platform to support trading of digital assets without having massive external gas fees in a low friction trading and minting environment. Our goal from the beginning has been to be blockchain agnostic and bring our tech to where consumers can transact with the most ease. For our Marketplace Alpha, we are adding two currencies to start, USD and ETH. You will be able to pay and get paid in these currencies.

Over time we will look to support others as we see solutions for the best path that consumers can transact. We will also be adding on/off ramps to allow you to move and store your Blankos on mainnets and will announce more on this in the near future.


Mythical Marketplace users will be able to verifiably understand the value of items, helping you make better-informed decisions and know you are getting a fair deal when buying and selling. We’ll be providing data, dashboards, and tools specifically tailored for the Marketplace to allow users to truly understand market movements in Blankos. Going beyond summary data and trends, you’ll be able to understand how valuable one item in your collection is relative to another. This kind of data and information will set our marketplace apart from others.


We plan to roll out the Mythical Marketplace in several phases and iterations. Over the next few months, we’ll begin testing with a few thousand, gradually ramping up to fully open. Just like the phases of our game rollout, the Marketplace too will undergo rigorous testing and iteration. We’ll be launching the Marketplace in Alpha in May 2021, gradually ramping up users, and we expect to be in a fully open Beta by early Summer 2021. More specific dates will be shared later this month.


What is the Mythical Marketplace?
It is an exchange to buy and sell your Blankos as NFT’s.

When will the Marketplace be live?
We will be beginning with Alpha testing in May 2021, and shortly after go into beta testing in Early Summer 2021, which will be open.

What currency will you support?
We will be focused on USD and Ether to start with plans for more options in the future.

Why do an Alpha?
Just like our game, we need to test and iterate. We plan on supporting our game and marketplace for years to come, so we need to make sure the foundations are solid and then iterate.

How do I get into Alpha?
We will be sending out registrations later this month. We will also be selecting from early adopters of Blankos. Keep an eye out!


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