Mythical Marketplace Enters Extended Access

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For the last two months we’ve seen incredible activity in the Closed Alpha of the Mythical Marketplace. Our Closed Alpha users have been buying and selling their in-game Blankos and Accessories in our Closed Alpha Marketplace phase, and we’ve even seen players sell rare Blankos for thousands of dollars.

We’re excited to announce that as of today, anyone with a valid Blankos account can access the Marketplace for our extended Alpha. All players globally will have access to buying on the Mythical Marketplace, and account holders located in the US, UK, Canada and now Germany will be able to sell their items on the Marketplace during Alpha as well. We’re excited to add Germany to our list of supported regions for this next phase of testing, and will continue rolling out access in other territories in the coming weeks.

We’re still on track for the Marketplace to be globally open to all sellers later this Summer. Cryptocurrency support is also still a very high priority for us, and we are working hard to add crypto payouts by late September and crypto payments in October. And last, but not least, for players that want to hodl Blankos, we are aiming to launch a bridge to ETH mainnet after the Open Beta as well.

We know you all are eager to get into the Mythical Marketplace, and we cannot wait to see you dive into the amazing data and tools that we are building to make this the best gaming NFT Marketplace out there!

Account Linking Steps

In order to access the Mythical Marketplace, you will need to have a Blankos account and link it to a Mythical Marketplace Account. If you do not already have a Blankos account, you can register here.  

If you do already have a Blankos account, here’s how to get started:

  1. Head to the Mythical Marketplace and click on “Login with Blankos Account”
  2. Sign-in with your Blankos credentials
  3. Activate your 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)
  4. Verify your email address
  5. Agree to the terms and conditions

If you do not have a Blankos account, here’s how to get started:

  1. Click on “Create Blankos Account
  2. Create your account and remember your login credentials
  3. Navigate back to the Mythical Marketplace
  4. Complete the steps above to login with your Blankos account

If you experience any issues in the account setup, please contact Customer Support.


The marketplace is now in “Extended Alpha”, what does that mean?

  • Anyone with a valid Blankos account not in an OFAC sanctioned country can now access the marketplace and buy items from other players. Only users in US, Canada, United Kingdom and Germany can currently sell items.

How do I access the marketplace?

Who can sell items?

  • Only users in US, Canada, United Kingdom and Germany can currently sell items. We are actively working with our payout provider to expand that list before our next phase of testing.


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