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Turn those loudspeakers up to MAX volume and get ready for this MONSTROUS collaboration! We're very excited to bring you some fan-favorite hits from the leading independent electronic music label, Monstercat, right from the comfort of your Desk.

Hitting The Desk

Select Monstercat tracks will hit the Desk on December 2nd with our forthcoming update. We’ve got 14 amazing lobby tracks from different artists, including Vindata, Pixel Terror, Habstrakt, and more, that you’ll be able to jam out to at your Desk in the form of a playlist! Get pumped up to play with these high-octane beats!

Joining The Party

We’re going to integrate Monstercat music into the game in a whole new way come January 26th. Not only will Monstercat tracks still be playing at your Desk, but you will have access to them in Block Parties. Track names, Artist names, and Label names will be popping up anytime the track changes, giving you the opportunity to support your favorite artist!

Building Block Parties

We plan on adding support for our Builders to build out Block Parties with a playlist of Monstercat Tracks. We’ll have a playlist of 7 featured tracks that can be selected to provide some custom tunes to stages. Soon you’ll be able to design not only the stage, but the ambience your stage can provide!

We’re so excited to officially announce this wonderful collaboration with Monstercat and bring you some new tunes to the ever-changing world of Blankos Block Party!


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