Making Offers on the Mythical Marketplace Is Now a Reality

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Get the best items for the best price on the Mythical Marketplace! We’ve been working hard on the offers featured launched last month and now we’re ready to roll out the other side of the equation for our players.

Introducing the brand new “Create an Offer” feature!

You can make an offer on an item you see listed on the marketplace or click the button you see in the main storefront section.

From there, you can specify the parameters for your desired item. For NFL Rivals player cards, this would mean picking factors like the position, rarity, program, and more factors. Offers made on an existing listing, if accepted by another player, will be fulfilled with a card that has identical attributes.

Set your desired price and we’ll handle the rest! Players holding items that qualify for your offers will receive a notification that their items have sale offers available. If a player opts to sell an item via an offer, your MYTH will automatically be transferred to the seller and you’ll receive the desired item concurrently.

This option is great for helping players obtain items that haven’t been listed yet, but it’s also good for saving some time from filtering and scrolling through the marketplace.

To make an offer on an item that’s already listed in the marketplace, simply hover your cursor over the gavel icon on the buy button, which should then become an offer button like in the below snippet:

On mobile, you can click on a card listing and see the same button options in the expanded card view.

Last month, we rolled out the Instant Sell feature to get players used to the function for selling their Mythical game items and we’re thrilled to be rolling out the buy side for you

Offers you make will only remain active while you have an adequate balance of MYTH in your account balance. If you need more MYTH to complete your offers, we’ll let you know. You can also have multiple offers live at the same time, so long as you maintain a sufficient account balance.

We strive to make trading on Mythical Marketplace as efficient and effective as possible. The Make an Offer feature is just one more step in this process and many other convenient new features on the way!


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