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As many of you recall, we were planning on donating proceeds from the Kisha Demon Eater sale! We’ve selected the charity and donated the amount from the Kisha Demon Eater sale!

The charity we’ve selected is STEM NOLA, a charity that caters learning opportunities and events, with an emphasis on under-served communities. STEM NOLA was founded by New Orleans native, and former tenured Tulane University Engineering professor, Dr. Calvin Mackie. They are committed to exposing, inspiring and engaging members of the community into the world of STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Their vision is to inspire and grow, through hands-on learning, students in grades K - 12. With such a great vision for not only bringing more exposure to STEM, but teaching and guiding the youth, it was hard to pass up this opportunity for us to donate to their organization! You can find out more information about STEM NOLA here!

We donated over $40,000 to STEM NOLA, all of which were from the proceeds of the Kisha Demon Eater drop! This accounts for 100% of Mythical’s net revenue that was made from the drop. This donation was made on March 30th, 2022 post all reconciliations.

A huge shout out and thanks to our community for their participation in the Kisha Demon Eater drop! Without your participation, we would not have been able to make such a generous donation to such a stellar charity!

Although you have already made your contribution in the form of purchasing Kisha Demon Eater, you’re still more than welcome to donate more! You can visit the link to their donation page here. Last year, STEM Nola raised over 8.1 Million!

Thank you for your contribution and continued support of Mythical Games and Blankos Block Party in Early Access.


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