Introducing Season 1

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Hey, Party-goers!

Season 1 launches on September 28th! More details to follow regarding what time and how long maintenance will be!

Below, we’ll introduce the Blanko classes for Season 1: Tracer, updated Trickster (formerly a class for the Trickle Blanko), and the new Bruiser class!

Finally, we’ll share details on some upcoming content: a monster drop, a Season 1 Starter Bundle, and a scary good Party Pass!

Season 1 Blankos


Make way! The Bruiser is the newest class to hit the Block Party just in time for Season 1 – and man, do they hit hard!

Check out the Power Moves, Power Perks, and Foundation Perks for this brute below!

Power Moves

  • Diving Drop – A ground pound that has no hang time, but bounces you up into the air after you hit the ground.
  • Armored Hull – Briefly removes and prevents negative status effects for a short period and renders you invulnerable(but not from lava or being crushed).

Power Perks

  • RegenerationHeal while Armored Hull is in effect.
  • Lighter Than Lead Removes speed penalties from Armored Hull.
  • Hull UpgradeArmored Hull lasts longer.
  • Controlled DemolitionReduces fall speed and increased midair control.
  • Boom ClapIncreases the knockback on your Diving Drop
  • Pick-Me-UpPerforming a Diving Drop temporarily boosts your speed.

Foundation Perks

  • Boxer Shove deals + 5 damage.
  • Bob and Weave – Better control over your turns while running.
  • Fun Loving – Vibe regeneration happens faster
  • Rally Get a 5 second speed boost whenever you respawn.
  • Health Buff – +20 health.


If you’ve played through the tutorial, you’ve met Trickle, a free-to-play non-nft Blanko that comes with the unique Trickster class. We have taken this Trickster class, updated it and have now made it available as a selectable class for all Season 1 Blankos.

Trickle will continue to remain as is, true to its legacy and will not change to the updated Trickster class!

This new and improved Trickster class will have access to new Foundation Perks and Season 1 Hidden Perks.

Remember: This new version of Trickster can be selected by any Season 1 Blanko.

Power Moves

  • Juke A multi-directional burst of speed.
  • Gum Trap Drop a sticky gum puddle that slows down your opponents.

Power Perks

  • Swift Shield Get a 50 health shield for 1.5 seconds after dashing.
  • Battery Pack Your dash has an additional charge.
  • Cut and Run Whenever you take damage, get an additional dash charge.
  • Wide Net – Your trap’s trigger area is increased.
  • Caustic Gum – Gum trap deals 40 damage over 4 seconds.
  • Strong Hold – Your traps last longer before being tripped.

Foundation Perks

  • Ampli-Vibe +25 Energy
  • Reach Out Shove lets you collect vibes from farther away.
  • Hang On – Slide down walls slower.
  • Rally – Get a 5 second speed boost when you respawn.
  • Eco Vibe – Your basic run costs 33% less.


Last but not least, we’ve got Tracer returning to the party! This class has some clever moves up their sleeve that’ll blow the competition away!

Check out the Tracer’s powerful arsenal of Power Moves, Power Perks, and Foundation Perks below!

Power Moves

  • Swerve – A spin that makes you temporarily invulnerable (but not from lava or being crushed) and slip by enemy Blankos.
  • Super Streak Smash – Dash that knocks a Blanko you hit back, dealing heavy damage.

Power Perks

  • Downward SpiralSlow downward speed while spinning.
  • Turn and Run Get a brief speed boost after you spin.
  • Rinse CycleYour spin lasts longer, but also has a longer cooldown.
  • Crash ZoneYour dash has a larger impact zone, and can hit up to 3 Blankos.
  • Battery PackYour dash has an additional charge.
  • Mach Wave – Increase your dash’s knockback.

Foundation Perks

  • Steppin’ Up Jump farther while running.
  • Fight Training Shove stores up to 3 charges
  • Invigorated – Spawn with a 50 health shield that lasts 15 seconds.
  • Ampli-Vibe – +25 energy
  • Hang On – Slide down walls slower.

Hidden Perks

Along with the new class options, the Hidden Perks available for your Blankos have also been updated for Season 1. Any Season 1 Blanko you open will contain two of the following six hidden perks:

  • Attachment Ace – Jetpacks use 10% less energy
  • Plummet – Your terminal velocity is higher
  • Holiday Shopper – Shoving an enemy gives you a 5 second speed boost.
  • Life of the Party – Emoting near your allies gives them 5 health per second.
  • Bopper – You can jump off of other Blanko’s heads.
  • Big Pockets – Your max and starting ammo is increased by 50%.


That’s right! We’ve got a new N.O.O.B. designed for Season 1! This N.O.O.B. will be replacing the familiar, simple, and red N.O.O.B. However, for those of you who were around for Early Access, you get to keep your OG N.O.O.B. because you’re an OG, AND you’ll be getting this new N.O.O.B.! Move over kid, there’s a new-new guy in town!

Toho Blankos Drop 9/28 - 10/12

Not one… not two… but THREE colossal kaiju from Toho are dropping Season 1, and they’re ready to wreak some havoc!

Godzilla arrives on September 28, with Mothra and Mechagodzilla arriving in the following weeks. Mark your calendars now if you want to tear up the town with these kaiju, because they’ll only be available for a short time!

Season 1 Starter Bundle Drop

We’re kicking off Season 1 with a special drop for you – the first ever bundle available in Blankos Block Party. The Season 1 Starter Bundle will be available starting Wednesday, September 28th at 10:00AM PDT / 17:00 UTC for 1200 Blanko Bucks, only in the in-game Shop.

This Starter Bundle contains a trove of consumables and an NFT Blanko - perfect if you want to get a head start on leveling your Blankos or are looking to build your collection with a sweet new addition to your Shelf!

More details on the Season 1 Starter Bundle and its contents below!

Season 1 Starter Bundle


The Starter Bundle contains the following goodies:


Some call him krazy… others call him krude. His friends just call him Kandie. His ideal day? Sating his sweet tooth on Chomp Stack Hill and picking gumdrop pieces out of his braces. Just don’t start a Brawl with him when he’s on a sugar high…

Kandie by Kronk headbutts his way into the Junction! This NFT Blanko is dropping exclusively as part of the Season 1 Starter Bundle - don’t miss out on this loveable lug!



  • 70,000 XP Chips
  • 20,000 Moola
  • 12 Random Gumballs

Don’t miss out this offer exclusive to Season 1 - grab a Starter Bundle before they’re gone and arrive at the party in style!

New Party Pass: I Know What You Did Last Grave Rave…

The skies darken… A chill blows through the air… It’s time once again for Grave Rave in the Junction!

Last year Astrid Havoc threw down a killer Grave Rave – this year, an all-new crew of monsters are coming with her to throw the wildest, wickedest Halloween party ever. And guess what? You’re invited!

Get ready for 8 weeks of frights, fights and full-on fun with new Blankos to earn, accessories to wear, emotes to express your inner monster, and more! This spooky Party Pass+ will be available for $14.99!

Stay tuned for more details on both the free Party Pass and Party Pass + tracks including all rewards, hype tiers and more. We can’t wait to get lit with you this Grave Rave!


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