Introducing: Blanko Brawl

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As you may have heard, or seen on stream, the newest game mode coming to Blankos Block Party on March 23rd is Blanko Brawl!

The main objective of Blanko Brawl is to outperform the competition in elimination-based Stages and be the last Blanko standing! Only the toughest, most skilled Blanko may be crowned the Brawl Champ!

Blankos Brawl Stages each consist of 1 of 3 game modes, racing, shooting, or vibe collect; and given how many players the Brawl starts with, you’ll either be loaded into a Team Stage or a Qualifier Stage (FFA). Players who lose in these Stages don’t make the cut and are eliminated. Once the competition comes down to just a few players, the Finale Stage begins! The stakes are high now - only one of you will make it to the Winner’s Circle!


Pins are our way of recognizing players for accomplishing certain tasks within Blanko Brawl. Pins are ranked by bronze, silver, or gold and both the tiers of, and rewards given from, these pins directly represent the difficulty of the accomplished task.

Bronze Pin

  • 25 XP
  • 15 moola

Silver Pin

  • 75 XP
  • 25 moola

Gold Pin

  • 150 XP
  • 50 moola


What better way to instill additional competition than with Blanko Brawl leaderboards? This new addition to the Desk will ensure you have the motivation to be on your A-game, every game! The leaderboards track stats such as wins, gold pins earned, and KO’s. How high your stats are in each category dictates your placement on the leaderboards. And for those of you who prove your skills and rise to the top, we’ve got special rewards for you!

New Pre-match Lobby

Out with the old and in with the new! We have a brand new pre-match lobby for you all to hang out in before a Stage starts. After disembarking the Party Bus, players can groove on the dance floor, hop to the top of the bus stop, and have an all out party in the lobby before you’re pitted against each other!

Spectator Camera

Upon completing the Brawl Party objective, such as finishing a race or reaching a vibe requirement, you will be put into spectator mode. In this mode, you'll be able to cycle through all the remaining players in the match.


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