How to Withdraw and Deposit Blankos with Eth Bridge

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The ETH Bridge, which allows the transfer of Blankos between the Mythical Chain and Ethereum, is now in Beta!  We’re incredibly excited about this new feature and we know all of you are too, but first, here’s all the details you need to know about withdrawing and depositing from the Mythical Chain.

Withdrawing From The Mythical Chain

When withdrawing a Blanko you’ll be taking the Blanko off of the Mythical Chain and moving it into your Ethereum wallet. In doing this, you gain the freedom to take your Blanko NFT to other marketplaces on Ethereum; however, you will not be able to use the Blanko in-game or sell on the Mythical Marketplace until it is deposited back on the Mythical Chain.

Please keep in mind that transaction times may vary on the Ethereum network. Items with pending listings cannot be withdrawn from the Mythical Marketplace. If issues occur after the Blanko has left the Mythical chain, Mythical Games will be unable to provide support for said Blanko while it is on mainnet.

Here are the required steps to withdraw your Blanko from the Mythical Chain:

  1. Go to ‘My Collections’ page on Mythical Marketplace.
  2. Select the desired Blankos you’d like to withdraw.
  3. Check the withdrawal eligibility of this item by checking for the ‘Withdrawable flag’
  4. Select ‘Withdraw this Item’
  5. A prompt will appear, detailing the limitations and restrictions that will be applied to your Blanko, as well as the responsibilities you will inherit upon proceeding. Restrictions include the inability to use your Blanko in-game or sell it on the Mythical marketplace until deposited back to the Mythical Chain.
  6. Connect the wallet you’d like to send your Blanko to and select said wallet.
  7. Review the gas fee cost and pay using your Mythical Balance, Credit Card, or cryptopayment.
  8. Review your confirmation and finalize the withdrawal process.
  9. You will receive an email with the confirmation of the withdrawal.

Depositing To The Mythical Chain

Depositing is the act of bringing a Blanko from another blockchain into the Mythical Chain. In doing this, you regain the ability to use your Blanko within Blankos Block Party, and the ability to sell your Blanko on the Mythical Marketplace.

Please keep in mind that transaction times may vary on the Ethereum network. If you accidentally deposit a non-compatible NFT to our Chain, please reach out to customer support at

Here are the required steps to deposit your Blanko back to the Mythical Chain:

  1. Go to your collection at the Mythical Marketplace.
  2. Select ‘Deposit an item’.
  3. Select the wallet that has your Blanko.
  4. Select the Blanko from a list of transferable items within your wallet that you’d like to bring back into the Mythical Chain.
  5. Review the information submitted and confirm you’re the owner of the wallet.
  6. Initiate withdrawal.
  7. A signed transaction from MetaMask (or wallet service you use) will popup to prompt you to confirm the transaction.
  8. A final page will appear confirming the initiation of transfer of your Blanko!
  9. You will receive an email with the confirmation of the deposit.

Officially Supported Sites

Our official pages for the NFT Marketplace are currently Mythical Games’ OpenSea, Blankos Block Party’s collection page on OpenSea, Mythical Games’ Rarible, and Blankos Block Party’s collection page on Rarible. We are actively working with other NFT Marketplaces and will update with official pages here. Be sure to verify that the contract address is 0x4bbcc727822b99330bf164c0972fcf1b537caa78, as that is the official Blankos Block Party address. If you spot another page stating or sharing that they’re the official page, please note that OpenSea and Rarible have wonderful report features and great teams that will handle issues with these fake party pages!

Gas Fees

Withdrawing and depositing your Blankos requires users to pay a gas fee.
Users will only pay the gas fee to use the ETH Bridge. Gas is a fee charged by the blockchain (in this case, Ethereum) to help support the network. The gas fee will vary due to price and network volatility. For more information on gas fees, please see the FAQ.


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