Heartbreakers Mini Build Challenge

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Build a block that will break some hearts in the Heartbreakers Mini Build Challenge. This build challenge will test your building hearts as it will be a tight turnaround. You will only have until February 9th to build your blocks, so get to it!

The Foreman's Notes:

LOVE IS IN THE AIR! So that's where we should go. Our Valentine's Build Competition is all about soaring through the clouds. We were so inspired by Horse's Block Party called Eaglewild Skydive we just HAD to fast-track flight attachments as a pickup that builders can place in their Block Parties. So here's what we want to see: Races that feature Flight and Love.

It's up to you to interpret that as you will. (But let's keep it family-friendly please!) We will favor Parties that are under 3 minutes, and friendly to beginners. Other than that, we just want to see your imaginations soar!

How To Enter:

  1. Build a Valentine's Day themed race with Flight attachments
  2. Add "Vday Challenge" in the title of your Block Party
  3. Share on Social media using #BlankosBuilds (this is optional, but we want to see your blocks!)
How to enter.

What Do Winners Get?

Top 10 Winners will receive:

  • Hug House build prop (the same one from the Junction)
  • The Stupid Cupid Wings and Bow
  • Featured in Quickplay

How Does Judging Work?

Judging of the submissions will be lead by our level design team and others in Mythical. We will take a look at which map is being talked about a lot from the community in discord and on #BlankosBuilds.

Judging Criteria

  1. Did they include Flight attachments and themed the block around love?
  2. Basics:
    • Can it be completed?
    • Is the difficulty well balanced for all skill levels and Blanko abilities?
    • How much detail was put into the game settings and things like checkpoints, ammo placement, vibe placement.
  3. Artistic Design
    • Use of color
    • Use of Props
    • Use of interactives (especially flight prop)
    • combination of elements like lighting
  4. Fun Factor
    • It's gotta be fun
    • We're looking for small to medium Block parties, completed in under 3 minutes. But don't hold back! If you have a cool idea, go for it.

Rules and regulations:

No purchase necessary.  Void where prohibited.  Judging shall be determined by Mythical, Inc. in its sole and exclusive discretion and contest winner selection shall be determined final.


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