Gem Rush: AT0M.atn

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This is it! The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived: We’re excited to share that Gem Rush is set to launch on December 9th at 10 AM PST/ 18:00 UTC!

Update: The AT0M.atn Gem Rush will be ending on June 6th, 2022, at 8:00 AM PDT / 15:00 UTC, never to return!

What is Gem Rush?

Gem Rush is a system that creates a way to acquire premium Blankos via our GradeUP system. It can allow Blankos to be consumed, or burned, from the Blockchain, making the remaining copies more scarce.

When a Gem Rush activates for a Blanko, you will be able to progress it to Premium Grades called Mint and Gem Mint. You can do this by putting your Blankos through a special process called Fusion.


The process of Fusion requires two identical Blankos of Excellent Grade Level 15 (EX LV 15). Fusion results in the creation of a brand new, boxed Mint Level 1 (MT LV 1) Blanko, consuming the two identical EX LV 15 Blankos in the process.

This process can be repeated with two identical MT LV 15 Blankos to create a brand new, boxed Gem Mint Level 1 (GM LV 1) Blanko, consuming the two identical MT LV 15 Blankos in the process.

Mint and Gem Mint Blankos resulting from NFTs will themselves be NFTs as well. Additionally, they have the ability to unlock cosmetics and special effects unique to that Blanko!

Keep in mind that resulting Fuses will inherit the class of the initial Blanko chosen for Fusion.

For example, if the class of the Blanko you initially chose for Fusion is a Tracer, the resulting Blanko after Fusing will also be a Tracer. On top of this, the resulting Blanko will also inherit the Hidden Perks of the initial Blanko.


As stated in our previous blog, AT0M.atn will be our first Blanko for Gem Rush! Be sure to grab AT0M.atn, if you haven’t yet, at the Mythical Marketplace!

The Gem Rush for AT0M.atn will last 3 months, until March 3rd. On this date, the minting of Mint AT0M.atn.ERR and Gem Mint AT0M.atn.KM will be temporarily frozen. In the event that these two haven’t reached their full mint numbers, there is a chance that, at a later time, we resume minting until all available supplies are minted.

Keep in mind that AT0M.atn.ERR will have only 2000 mints. Once the Mint Blanko, AT0M.atn.ERR, has hit mint number 2000, no more new mints will be created, even if the supply doesn’t reflect the total number minted. The supply will slowly dwindle as AT0M.atn.ERR Blankos are being consumed to create Gem Mint AT0M.atn.KM. This Gem Mint Blanko will only be available until 200 have been minted. Once we’ve hit 200 Gem Mint AT0M.atn.KM’s the block chain will be frozen!


Fusing two EX LV 15 At0m.atn will result in a Mint LV1 AT0M.atn.ERR!

  • Fuse Cost: 25,000 Moola or 1,250 Blanko Bucks + 16 Gumballs
  • Max Mint: 2,000

XP Chart + Rewards List

Unique Rewards

  • [Level 4] SFX - Damaged / Hit: AT0M.err_damage.SFX
  • [Level 7] New Shove Animation: AT0M.ram
  • [Level 13] New Shove VFX: AT0M.ram.SPRX
  • [Level 15] New Run Trail: AT0M.pxl_BURN.VFX

[GEM MINT] AT0M.atn.KM (Cap Reached)

Fusing two EX LV 15 AT0M.atn.ERR will result in a Gem Mint LV1 AT0M.atn.KM!

  • Fuse Cost: 30,000 Moola or 1,500 Blanko Bucks + 20 Gumballs
  • Max Mint: 200

XP Chart + Rewards List

Unique Rewards

  • [Level 4] Exclusive Emote: System_overload
  • [Level 7] New Run Animation: turbo.Run
  • [Level 10] SFX - KO, Fall, Respawn: AT0m.KM_crash.sfx
  • [Level 13] New Run Trail: AT0M.pxl_BURN.VFX (Deluxe)
  • [Level 15] Exclusive Jet Pack: AT0M.atk Propulsor_Pack

In the future, we’ll open up Gem Rush for more Blankos, however, we are constantly trying to improve this feature and there may be some changes to this system over time. Future Gem Rushes will be iterative—this means that we’ll make tweaks to the feature until we find the mechanics that offer you the best experience.

Some examples of event structures that we are considering:

  • Phased Gem Rushes, where there are multiple windows to Gem Rush a Blanko until the mints are hit
  • Gem Rushes that only close when issue number limits are met
  • Gem Rushes that have no limits besides the amount of Blankos available

Each Blanko is unique and each Gem Rush rewards and structure will aim to factor in those special qualities.

We are very excited to finally share this feature and some more details with you! Look forward to even more amazing updates and, hopefully, some more Gem Rushes in the new year. Thank you for your continued support of Mythical Games and Blankos Block Party in Early Access.


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