ETH Bridge Beta Ends

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We’re excited to announce the end of the ETH Bridge Beta! With the ending of this Beta, comes the enabling of more NFT Blankos that have finished minting to be transferable to the Ethereum Mainnet!

This enabled feature for all eligible Blankos will begin rolling out on May 12th, at  11:00 AM PDT / 18:00 UTC and the enabled list will be completed thereafter.

Updated List of Blankos Available for Transfer to Mainnet:

Firstly, we have some Blankos that aren’t enabled with the going live of ETH Bridge. This is because there are a range of hurdles involved in the process of enabling Blankos to move onto mainnet. We are working on getting these things resolved for the future! However, the ones that are available as of tomorrow are as follows:

Since we’ll soon be officially out of Beta for ETH Bridge, most NFT Blankos that we release going forward will be transferable to the Ethereum Mainnet once the minting process has concluded. As stated above, there are some Blankos that will be more difficult to get onto mainnet due to some hurdles that must be overcome prior to their mainnet debuts. Blankos that have not concluded their sales, or have not hit their fixed mint amounts, will not be made available for bridging. In the future, all Gem Rush Blankos will be added to the list of Blankos enabled for transfer to mainnet. Please continue to check back for updated news!

*Please note that if you have recently purchased any Blankos from the Mythical Marketplace, those items are subject to the 48-hour Cooldown Timer (this timer begins from the time of purchase).

Thank you for your continued support of Mythical Games and Blankos Block Party in Early Access.


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