Epic Games Store x Blankos

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Some EPIC news coming your way! As some of you may already know, yesterday at NFT NYC, we announced our upcoming launch on the Epic Games Store. We’re extremely excited to share this news along with the milestone of hitting over 1 Million accounts. Not only that, but we’ve had major partnerships with Burberry, deadmau5 and The Marathon Clothing Store in Blankos Block Party. We even have new games on the way, like NFL Rivals, Epic Spell Wars: Magic Fight, and Nitro Nation.

Blankos & the Epic Games Store

The most important factor for us was the ease of access that this would bring for many users. With us offering Blankos Block Party on the Epic Games Store, we're able to reach out to over 180 million players, making Blankos more discoverable and easier to download. With this global reach, our community can play with, and compete against many more players.

Thank you for your continued support of Mythical Games. We look forward to sharing more of our future, in the future!


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