Early Access Update 7.1

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Hey, Party-goers!

Early Access Update 7.1 launches on September 22nd, at 11:30 AM PDT / 18:30 UTC, after a 90-minute downtime at 10:00 AM PDT / 17:00 UTC! This update introduces exciting new visual and navigational improvements to Party Pass, and a new way to play Blankos with your friends!

Party Pass UI Update

Let’s be honest. We all love to Brawl for the fun of it, but chasing those sweet, sweet rewards and completing challenges is a big motivation for plenty of party-goers. With the rollout of Party Pass UI update, we aim to make those challenges clearer and more accessible to the player and to make claiming your rewards more satisfying.

On the Desk

Starting with the Desk, you’ll always have a heads up on what Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal challenges are up for grabs. This improved design also shows your progress to the next Hype Tier at the top, so you’ll always know when your next reward is within reach. You’ll also see at a glance when you have rewards to collect and how many are available for collection, being able to click this button and be taken to claim your rewards quicker than ever!

Rewards Track Redesign

We’ve cleaned up the Rewards Track screen, so you can easily navigate upcoming rewards and more clearly identify when key rewards like NFTs will be unlocked! Grow your collection faster with exclusive gear unlocked in Party Pass +.

Improved Challenge Objective Communication

Want an in-depth look at all of your challenges? The improved Challenges screen makes tracking all of your Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal Challenges a breeze, and shows a snapshot of the rewards granted for completing challenges. This includes your special rewards for completing 3 daily challenges or 5 weekly challenges!

In-Game Notification

We’ve also added a new pop-up notification that will appear in the upper right corner whenever you complete a challenge. Never guess again if you’re wondering if you’ve completed your objective yet!

We hope these new improvements have a big impact on your experience and help you get the most out of Party Pass just in time for Season 1. Now get out there and party, and reap the rewards!

Improved Challenge Details in Brawl Summary

We’ve added additional details to your challenge progress on the Brawl Summary page. Now, you’ll be able to see the rewards each challenge grants for completion!

Brawl With Your Buddies

With the new Social Grouping feature we launched last Patch, we’re already making improvements! Not only can you send invites to non-friends and privately chat with your group mates, you can now Brawl with them as well! Take your group into a Brawl match and determine once and for all, who among your group is the true Brawl Champ!



  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes encounter the MUSHYPEAS error at the end of a Brawl Stage.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Skin of Your Teeth’ pin could be earned in the non-elimination version of Brawl.

Build Mode

  • Fixed an issue where the Doom Boom Caster was not a selectable starting weapon.
  • Fixed an issue where the Speed Boost / Limiter select boxes were inaccurate to the prop.
  • Fixed an issue where changes made to the General Block settings would sometimes not save.


  • Fixed an issue where the challenges that require the player to run in Brawl can be completed by jumping into the blue Party Portal in the Junction.


  • Fixed an issue that caused weapon accuracies of the pistol and SMG to behave unintentionally.
  • Fixed an issue where the rocket launch and grenade launcher would do up to 425 damage to the Target Blanko prop.
  • Fixed an issue where the rocket launcher and grenade launcher would deal damage twice.

Quick Access

  • Fixed an issue where going to the Shelf from the Quick Access menu could sometimes crash the player’s game.
  • Fixed an issue where the Inventory and Skills button in the Quick Access menu would not take the player to the right screens respectively.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from purchasing more than one Condimental Cruisepack at a time.


  • Fixed an issue where skills that involve setting traps could be triggered by the player who set them.

Social Grouping

  • Fixed an issue where if the player canceled the search for a Party while in a Party, the Select Mode and Exit Party buttons would disappear, soft locking the player.
  • Fixed an issue where the player would become soft locked after attempting to leave the Junction to the Desk, then canceling, when not the group leader.


  • Fixed an issue where some players wouldn’t have a nameplate above their Blanko.
  • Fixed an issue where the Next Reward on the GradeUP page wouldn’t go away for max level Blankos.
  • Fixed an issue with the vibe counter in the Junction being inaccurate.
  • Fixed an issue where chat messages would show up at the top right corner of the screen, instead of the bottom left.
  • Fixed an issue where some players could not have the option to replay the FTUE (First Time User Experience) levels via the Help menu.
  • Fixed an issue where buying multiples of a bundle of Blankos Bucks at once would visually result in an inaccurate Purchase Successful screen.
  • Fixed an issue where group invites could be sent to offline players via the Recent tab in the Social menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the chat would sometimes stop working when in a Party.
  • Fixed an issue where the Doom Boom Caster was represented by the wrong icon in the Build inventory.


  • Fixed many controller usability issues.
  • Fixed an issue where CC info would sometimes not properly save.


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