Early Access Patch 6

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Hey, Party-goers!

Early Access Patch 6 launches on July 7th, at 10 AM PDT / 17:00 UTC, after a short 30-minute downtime at 9:30 AM PDT / 16:30 UTC! This update introduces improved animations, a new FTUE (First Time User Experience), a bridge between the in-game Shop and the Mythical Marketplace, new props, and MORE!

Improved Animations

We’ve completely revamped the drift jump, ledge mount, and wall slide animations. These changes bring a better-flowing, refreshing feel to these movement aspects!

Drift Jump

Ledge Mount

Wall Slide

Blanko Brawl FTUE

This addition will help all you N.O.O.B.ies out there, and those of you who want a refresher on the game. Introducing our new first time user experience, or FTUE for short!

This FTUE will show you the ropes to vibe collecting, racing, and shooting. This experience will quickly get you on the path to being crowned the Brawl Champ!

Vibe Collect Tutorial - Good Vibes

Your FTUE experience begins at Good Vibes, the vibe collecting tutorial. Learn about the importance of vibes and the best ways to obtain them: vibe generators, batting your foes, and jetpacking through the skies to grab those hard-to-gets!

Race Tutorial - Midnight Highway

Now it’s time to get your race on at Midnight Highway! Bolt your way across a deserted, rundown highway, picking up vibes and running through speed boosts on your way! What happened here? There's no time to answer that!

Shooter Tutorial - Range Day

Finally, it’s time to train your eagle eye at Range Day! With the help of our new training dummies and turrets, you’ll be a pro in no time! Master each weapon and become the most versatile Blanko at the shooter Party!

Blanko Bat

The Blanko bat just got a serious upgrade! Instead of using a charge-up mechanic to deal more damage to your foes, you now do a sweet 3-swing combo, each stage dealing more damage than the last!

Ground Pound Attack

While in the air for a second or more, your next attack will be a ground pound attack! Catch your foes off guard by hitting them with the force of a home runner from the sky!

For Hitting More Than Just Blankos

With this new and improved bat, why stop at just hitting other Blankos? Use the bat to hit around physics objects like beach balls and danger balls!

In-Game Shop Meets Mythical Marketplace

Introducing the bridge between the in-game Shop and the Mythical marketplace!

With this new feature you’ll be able to see the recent drops that are available on the Mythical marketplace, as well as recommended, trending, and best value Blankos, to allow you to be more knowledgeable about the current secondary market.

New Build Props

Target Dummy

Who are you callin' dummy?! I'll have you know, this little guy can move in a straight line AND in circles, could a dummy do that?

This prop is perfect for PvE environments; challenge your foes in an all out 'who can clap the most dummies' contest, or see who can bust open the most and steal their valuable vibes, like candies from a piñata!

Toy Properties

Enable Movement

  • Direction
  • Distance
  • Speed
  • Delay (%)
  • Pause at Start
  • Pause at End

Enable KO Count

  • Allows for KO’ing the Target Dummy to count the same as KO'ing another player.

Max HP

Should Respawn

  • Respawn Time

Enabled Vibes to be dropped (once KO’d)

  • Number of Vibes to be dropped
  • Small Vibe Weighting
  • Medium Vibe Weighting
  • Large Vibe Weighting


When firing rockets all willy-nilly, I bet you'd never expect a prop to fight back. Until now!

This devil of a prop's got a mouthful of lethal explosives and they're no stranger to lobbing them out, constantly. These guys could be anywhere, so stay sharp, lest ye be blown to smithereens!

Toy Properties

Enable Movement (rotation)

  • Rotation Range
  • Rotation Direction
  • Rotation Speed
  • Ping-Pong
  • Pause at Start
  • Pause at End

Max HP

Should Respawn

  • Respawn Time

Enabled Vibes to be dropped (once KO’d)

  • Number of Vibes to be dropped
  • Small Vibe Weighting
  • Medium Vibe Weighting
  • Large Vibe Weighting

Rate of Fire

KO Box

It’s invisible.

Probably the most mischievous prop to be added by far; this prop follows a strict ‘lurk in the shadows’ policy. You’ll never see them, but they’ll always KO you!

The KO Box prop gives builders the flexibility and control that comes with setting their own boundaries for their Parties. Use the prop to control where Blankos will get KO’d for falling out of your Parties, or for leaving the play area.

Toy Properties




Damage Type

  • Environment
  • Falling
  • Lava
  • Cactus

Ignore Invincibility

New Look: Circle Checkpoint

This may be checkpoint 1, but it’s for sure a 10!

New Physics: Ball Props

With this update comes an improvement to ball physics! Kick around beach balls, watch lava balls roll down hills, or even hit them around with the bat – you can enjoy this new smooth experience in many ways!

Block Manager

Party Slots Used Indicator

If you’ve made as many maps as jhcosmic has, you’ve probably run into a pop-up stating that you’ve reached the maximum amount of Parties you can create. Well now we display that information to you with our new ‘slots used’ indicator!

Party Sorter

We’re also introducing a way to sort your Parties for quicker access to the ones you want to edit. The Party sorter allows you to sort your created Parties by last modified, alphabetically A -> Z, or alphabetically Z -> A!

New Pins

Forward Motion [Bronze]

The first step is always the most important! Earn this pin by Collecting 10 vibes, getting 1 KO, or by passing through 1 checkpoint.

Crowd Controller [Bronze]

Hey, batter batter – swing! Earn this pin by striking 3 Blankos with 1 swing of the bat.

Runner Up [Silver]

So close! Earn this pin by finishing in the top 50% of players in the Finale Stage of Brawl.

Brawl Edictorian [Gold]

You’re on your way to becoming a Brawl Champ! Earn this pin by completing the First Time User Experience.

Dinner Time [Gold]

You're eatin’ good tonight! Earn this pin by winning first place in the Finale Stage of Brawl.

Music Info UI

It’s time to pump up the jams!

Have you ever been playing Blankos Block Party and then all of the sudden, the most fire track comes on? “What is THIS song??”, you think to yourself. Well, wonder no more with our new music info UI!

This helpful pop-up at the bottom of your screen will let you know once a music track has changed, and what it has changed to. Hunting down your favorite Blankos beats has never been easier!


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