Early Access Hotfix 5.3.0 Changelog

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Hey, party-goers!

With the release of hotfix 5.3.0, we’ve introduced a multitude of bug fixes - let’s take a look.



  • [Fixed] Players are unintendedly able to form groups with one another when one or more of them are in a Brawl.


  • [Fixed] The ‘Harlekin’s Grab Bag’ sound effect can’t be heard by other players.
  • [Fixed] Ultra B Dino’s unique footstep sound effects fail to play when sprinting.


  • [Fixed] The ‘Back to Desk’ and ‘Play Brawl’ buttons don’t get re-enabled after timing out from searching for a Brawl.
  • [Fixed] Players who are disconnected or leave a Brawl Party early are not marked accordingly on the Results page.
  • [Fixed] Rewards in the ‘Rewards Available’ pop-up sometimes have no preview image.
  • [Fixed] At0m.atn.ERR’s description states it’s not MashUP compatible.


  • [Fixed] Some skill cooldowns reset immediately after respawning from being KO’d.


  • [Fixed] The player doesn’t get rewarded when completing the necessary requirement for the ‘Slugger’ pin.

Build Mode

  • [Fixed] Three of the speaker box build props display the wrong name.


  • [Fixed] The ‘Play Blankos Block Party 7 Days in a Row’ challenge does not progress as intended.
  • [Fixed] Players can progress the 'Use 2 Different Blankos in Brawl' challenge in non-Brawl Parties.
  • [Fixed] The 'Use 2 Different Blankos in Brawl' challenge can only be completed within a single Brawl.
  • [Fixed] ‘Qualify in Blanko Brawl’ challenges progress when the player gets eliminated on the second Stage
  • [Fixed] The 'Fall 500 Meters' challenge progresses when transitioning from one Party to another.


  • [Fixed] When trying to make a purchase, the player is sometimes met with the error message "Fetching saved payment methods".


  • [New] The look of Blanko Bucks in the Store now match the current look of Blanko Bucks.


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