Early Access Hotfix 5.1.0 Changelog

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Hey party-goers! In this hotfix, we’re seeing a substantial change to Blanko Brawl, as well as many bug fixes. Let's take a look!

Blanko Brawl

Starting in patch 5.1.0, we’ll be removing Team Brawl Parties from Blanko Brawl. With this change, players will start their Brawls in a Qualifier Party with a maximum of 12 players.

We are continuing to experiment with the format of Brawl. This new iteration will allow more players to proceed through stages and give players more control over their Brawl performance.

Team Brawl Parties could make a return in the future in a new, or familiar, structure.


Given how Brawls will now start with a player count of 12, we’ll be changing the earn requirements for some pins to better reflect this smaller number of players. The changes are as follows:

Shooting Star (Gold)

You completed a Shooter match in 1st place.

  • Now in the top 25%.

Shooting Star (Silver)

You completed a Shooter match in 2nd place.

  • Now in the top 50%.

Shooting Star (Bronze)

You completed a Shooter match in 3rd place.

  • Now in the top 75%.

Vibe Star (Gold)

You completed a Vibe Collection match in 1st place.

  • Now in the top 25%.

Vibe Star (Silver)

You completed a Vibe Collection match in 2nd place.

  • Now in the top 50%.

Vibe Star (Bronze)

You completed a Vibe Collection match in 3rd place.

  • Now in the top 75%.

Wrecking Ball (Gold)

You dealt 5000 damage across all games in a Blanko Brawl.

  • Now 2500 damage.

Wrecking Ball (Silver)

You dealt 2500 damage across all games in a Blanko Brawl.

  • Now 1250 damage.

Wrecking Ball (Bronze)

You dealt 1000 damage across all games in a Blanko Brawl.

  • Now 500 damage.


You performed an emote within 2 seconds of knocking another player out.

  • Now within 5 seconds.

Clown On 'Em

You completed a race within 2 seconds of performing an emote.

  • Now within 5 seconds.

Bug Fixes


  • [Fixed] Moola is awarded for completing non-Brawl Parties.
  • [Fixed] There has been an uptick in server disconnects since the Blanko Brawl update.
  • [Fixed] The game can softlock after the post-party results screen.
  • [Fixed] The Blankos Guilty Gardener 474 and Square cannot be selected on the Shelf.
  • [Fixed] Speed boosters don’t affect sliding speed.
  • [Fixed] The Burberry Jetpack’s lights are present in the Blender.
  • [Fixed] Team colors are inconsistent.
  • [Fixed] The player can sometimes not collect ammo.
  • [Fixed] Players with poorer connections sometimes experience stutters when jumping.


  • [Fixed] The 'Report Block' option is no longer visible.
  • [Fixed] The repeatable reward is missing on Party Pass Blanko Brawlers’ rewards track.
  • [Fixed] The number 2 is not visible on the countdown before the stage begins. Only the sound effect can be heard.
  • [Fixed] Challenge modal should support Blankos as reward if one is set.
  • [Fixed] Changing tabs while on the final page of the party pass causes the UI to get stuck.
  • [Fixed] Overlapping UI elements in foundation perks.
  • [Fixed] A join code sometimes displays during the Blanko Brawl pre-party lobby cutscene.
  • [Fixed] The background color for the challenge list doesn't match other UI elements.
  • [Fixed] The vibe counter is currently missing from the Junction.
  • [Fixed] The Brawl Summary Progress tab’s contents are incorrect in design.
  • [Fixed] ‘Weekly reset in’ overlaps the Pins tab on the Rankings page.
  • [Fixed] Spectator camera buttons are inverted.
  • [Fixed] The Vibe Collect team icons’ scaling isn’t noticeable enough.
  • [Fixed] A controller icon overlaps the ‘Weekly reset in’ text on the Rankings page.
  • [Fixed] The text that displays the level required to unlock a Power Perk can overlap the name of a highlighted Power Perk on the Skills tab of a Blanko.
  • [Fixed] The 'Purchase' button in the Blender should say 'Hold to Purchase'
  • [Fixed] Challenges can sometimes be seen in black text, instead of white.
  • [Fixed] In the ‘Current Standings’ of a Block Party, the UI can sometimes wrongly indicate which places will be eliminated.
  • [Fixed] The ‘Eliminated/Qualified’ UI can sometimes appear smaller than normal.
  • [Fixed] Earned moola can sometimes decrease how much moola you have visually.
  • [Fixed] Certain UI elements can overlap the Rankings page if both are on the screen at the same time.
  • [Fixed] The 'Gem Rush' button doesn’t always appear when Gem Rush is enabled for a Blanko.
  • [Fixed] The 'Gem Rush Now On' notification in the Shelf sometimes displays inaccurate messaging.
  • [Fixed] The crown icon on the leaderboards appears next to the highest player visible to you, not always on who’s in first.
  • [Fixed] Some loading screen tips contain outdated information.
  • [Fixed] Hover-over information for Foundation Perks can overlap other UI elements.


  • [Fixed] The 'Close' button in the menus does not work as intended on the controller.
  • [Fixed] The Rankings page is inaccessible in the menus when using a controller.

Party Pass

  • [Fixed] The ‘Gradeup a Blanko 2 levels’ challenge does not complete consistently
  • [Fixed] If the final tier of the Pass is claimed, the repeatable reward can be immediately claimed along with it.


  • [Fixed] Players in a team shooter can’t be killed.
  • [Fixed] Placing new spawn points cycles through all four team colors even if there are less than four teams.
  • [Fixed] Players sometimes don’t spawn at set spawn locations at the start of a Block Party.
  • [Fixed] The player is unable to navigate to perks using a controller.
  • [Fixed] The player is sometimes unable to go to the Junction.
  • [Fixed] Using the 'Exit Junction' button while in a Party Portal sometimes doesn't end the search and take the user back to Desk.


  • [Fixed] 'Play Brawl' button is missing from the menu in the Junction
  • [Fixed] The blue Party Portal in the Junction presents different functionality inconsistencies.


  • [Fixed] The 'Clown on 'em' pin is not being awarded to multiple players
  • [Fixed] The 'Came From Behind', 'Leader of the Pack', 'Track Star', 'Speedy McQuickfeet', and 'Clown on 'Em' pins can sometimes be earned without fulfilling the earn requirement.
  • [Fixed] The ‘Party Animal’ pin grants 100 more moola than intended.
  • [Fixed] The ‘Leader of the Pack’ pin is not earnable.

Blanko Brawl

  • [Fixed] HITANDMISS error occurred and the user could not connect to the server to enter Brawl.
  • [Fixed] Brawl intro cutscene plays upside down for some Block Parties.
  • [Fixed] If a player takes too long to select an option when asked if they want to leave the group in between Stages, they are loaded into a Stage by themselves.
  • [Fixed] The Blanko animations on the Game Summary screen aren’t smooth.


  • [Fixed] Super Streak Smash’s damage arc is absent.
  • [Fixed] Swerve lasts longer than intended.
  • [Fixed] Heavy Handed’s description states an incorrect damage amount.
  • [Fixed] Sprinting doesn’t disable your ability to fire a weapon.


  • [Fixed] Vibin’ can be exploited to get unlimited energy.
  • [Fixed] 'Gibe and Refuel' Foundation Perk can be exploited to get unlimited health regain
  • [Fixed] Foundation Perk 'Endurance' does not grant extra duration on Speed Boosts.


  • [Fixed] Minor M35 bat tweaks in response to player experience
  • [Fixed] The player’s crosshair with the Pistol, Assault Rifle, and Grenade Launcher drift upward after firing is ceased.
  • [Fixed] The Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher shoot behind the player if the player attempts to shoot upwards.


  • [Fixed] Brawl intro music cuts off abruptly before the end of the cutscene.
  • [Fixed] Swerve’s audio can sometimes be heard by other users continuously.
  • [Fixed] The Blanko Bat lacks impact audio when hitting an enemy.
  • [Fixed] The Destructible Crate’s ‘breaking’ audio is comparatively too loud.
  • [Fixed] The Blanko Brawl Pre-lobby cutscene’s audio cuts off prematurely.
  • [Fixed] The Blanko Brawl Pre-lobby cutscene plays multiple audio tracks at the same time.
  • [Fixed] There is no audio when other players get eliminated and you qualify in a Brawl Party.
  • [Fixed] Ultra B Dino’s Ultra B Dino Roar can’t be heard by other players.


  • [Fixed] In the video featured in ‘Blanko Brawl (Part 2)’, Blankos can be seen hovering in mid-air after they’re eliminated from the dance floor.
  • [Fixed] In the video featured in ‘Blanko Brawl (Part 2)’, the pins featured can be seen with grey borders.

Known Issues

Users playing on Mac will experience screen flicker and poorer performance when playing as, or alongside, a Harlekin Blanko that has its unique run visual effects unlocked or is using the Harlekin's Funtime Spring-flight-inator jetpack.

To alleviate this issue, try lowering the quality of your graphics. We will have a fix for this issue as soon as possible!


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