Early Access Hotfix 5.0.3 Teaser

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Incoming hotfix! We’ve heard your feedback, and we wanted to inform you that we plan on implementing some changes. We’ll have more details later on some of these changes!

N.O.O.B. & Trickster

Our changes to N.O.O.B. and Trickster aim to tone down their abilities to keep them well-rounded and strong, but not a must pick in every situation.


The new Wrecker changes will beef up their Wreckin’ skill, as well as make their Dunk more consistent.


The new Tanker will be buffed to have its speed be a little more competitive in races.


This class, known for being nimble, was feeling lackluster. We made a decrease to their dash cooldown and an update to their Swerve ability to feel more impactful, speed wise.

We’ll have more information regarding the details of these changes next week. Thank you for your patience and continued support of Blankos Block Party in Early Access.


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