Early Access Hotfix 4.1.4 Changelog

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We’ve got a hotfix going out on February 15th at 1:10 PM PST / 21:10 UTC, with servers going down to apply maintenance from 1:10 PM PST / 21:10 UTC to 1:30 PM PST / 21:30 UTC. This update aims to tackle the noticeable bugs facing Party Pass challenges, as well as some small UI fixes regarding text.

We hear the issues that you all have been facing, and we’re always working hard to get these fixes out as soon as possible. With that, let’s see what fixes this hotfix will bring!


We had an issue with the 'Play Blankos Block Party 3x this week’ and ‘Play Blankos Block Party 30x’ challenges not progressing properly. This is no longer the case, and these challenges now progress without an issue!

Due to the above challenge, 'Play Blankos Block Party 3x this week’, not behaving correctly, this led to another challenge, 'Complete 5 weekly challenges' to also not correctly function. Players who were experiencing this challenge being stuck at 4 / 5 seemingly missed out on their weekly rewards. Although, we were able to manually grant these rewards to eligible players, so no rewards were missed out on! This issue has been resolved and 'Complete 5 weekly challenges' now behaves as intended, automatically.

This fix applies to week 4 and onward. Week 3’s 'Complete 5 weekly challenges' challenge rewards will still have to be granted manually.


On the Party Pass challenges page, challenge titles are overlapping progression numbers. This overlapping made it difficult to accurately read your progression from the challenges page, and is no longer the case in this hotfix.

When viewing completed challenges from the left window on the Desk, they show visually as incomplete for a few minutes. After which, they are marked as complete. This was purely a visual bug and did not impact how quickly you were rewarded for completing challenges.

In the Shop, Heartbreaker Bunny’s ‘Heartbreaker’ text was wrapping onto the second line. This made the text awkward to read and has been fixed.


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