Watch the Blankos E3 Keynote for a Twitch Drop NFT Blanko

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Blankos Block Party is dropping into E3 2021 on June 14th at 11:10AM PDT and we have a special Twitch Drop for viewers on

We'll be giving away one of the first NFT’s on Twitch through Twitch Drops during the Blankos Block Party E3 Keynote. This drop will be the Blankenstein Blanko, an NFT Blanko that has little nods to different designs of past Blankos.

Here’s everything you need to know in order to secure your Blankenstein Blanko through Twitch Drops.

Steps to Claim the E3 Blankenstein Blanko

The Twitch Drop will be live only during the Blankos Block Party Keynote segment starting at 11:10AM PDT on June 14th.

Steps to get the Blanko:

  1. First, login or create a Twitch account on
  2. Watch the Blankos E3 Keynote at 11:10 AM PDT on
  3. Click on either the notification or head to your Twitch inventory
  4. Connect your Twitch and Blankos account (you can do this now here)
  5. Claim the Blanko in your Twitch Inventory
  6. Log into Blankos Block Party and the Shaman will be waiting for you with your rewards!

Note that you can only connect one Twitch account to one game account and you will only receive one reward per account.

You can connect your Twitch and Blankos Accounts here.

Head to the Twitch Drops Campaigns page to connect your Twitch and Blankos accounts now so that you’re all set for the drop on June 14th.

You will need to connect your Twitch and Blankos accounts to get the drop

How will these Blankos be issued?

Issue numbers will be assigned to those who log into the game first after claiming their Twitch Drop in the Twitch Inventory. Once you launch the game, your Blanko will be tokenized and the issue number will be based on the first to launch the game after claiming.

Note that claiming in the Twitch inventory will not tokenize your Blanko. You must login.

What’s an NFT?

NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token” and it’s basically a fancy way of saying that this Blanko has a value that can be exchanged for real money. You will be able to list the Blankenstein Blanko or any other NFT in Blankos on the Mythical Marketplace to be sold to others.

What’s the Mythical Marketplace?

The Mythical Marketplace is where you can buy and sell Blankos as NFTs. It is our proprietary engine that allows for the exchange of in-game digital assets, like in-game skins. Watch the Blankos E3 keynote for more details!

What about the Environment?

Unlike many other blockchain-based games, Blankos Block Party does not use mining, nor require players to transact with cryptocurrency. The game is built on a private EOSIO blockchain using a Proof of Authority model that is more environmentally friendly and sustainable than the Proof of Work model. Mythical leverages this technology to open the doors to a new kind of global game economy, where creators are owners and players are asset holders.

What if I claim my Blanko on Twitch, but it’s not appearing in-game?

When you load into the Junction, the Shaman will tell you he has new rewards for you. You will need to claim your rewards from the Shaman. Then head to your Shelf in the main menu, and your Blankenstein Blanko will be there.

If you do all these steps correctly, Twitch is showing you’ve claimed your reward, and still have issues, please contact


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