Celebrate Black History Month with the Kisha Blanko for Charity

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Lightning cracks through the sky illuminating the skeleton of an old, abandoned home. The air hangs heavy, as a group of teens enter the broken down building. Kisha holds up her flashlight, leading her friends into the unknown. As she steps forward a door groans open behind her. Startled, she bumps a table in the darkness, causing a porcelain vase to fall to the ground—the sound of it’s shattering masked by the thunder. As it crashes, a tangible-pallid mist bursts forth, filling the room. But Kisha knows in an instant that it’s more than just mist…Something sinister lurks inside…

Kisha Demon Eater is an exclusive collab with Dream Fury Comics, with artwork done by Ignis. This Blanko drops February 9th at 3 PM PST / 23:00 UTC in the Shop and in-game!

Kisha Demon Eater - 3500 Available

Kisha Demon Eater RIPS her way into the Junction. Bringing her Black Girl Magic, she’ll pump up the good luck by keeping the demons at bay—and she’ll look good doing it! Kisha comes equipped with 3 unique accessories: Hair Puffs, a necktie, and skirt. These accessories use the Hat, Necklace, and Belt slots. Kisha’s Hat and Necklace slots can be replaced with other accessories, but the belt slot cannot. Unique to Kisha is her MashUP option! When you MashUP on Kisha, only her clothes are affected, making her a one-of-a-kind Blanko! This terror of demons will be limited to ONLY 3500 minted for the initial price of $24.99 or 2500 Blanko Bucks.

In celebration of Black History Month, Mythical’s proceeds from primary sales of Kisha Demon Eater during the month of February 2022 will go to charity.

Heartbreaker’s Bunny Ears

Heartbreaker Bunny took off so fast last week, that he left his faux ears behind! These Heartbreaker Bunny’s Ears are a SILKY soft accessory that every Blanko HOPING for a chance at secrets needs! This item will NOT be limited in mint quantity. The initial price for Heartbreaker’s Bunny Ears is $5.99 or 600 Blanko Bucks.

Heartbreaker’s Cotton Tail

Floofy, soft, shiny? Heartbreaker’s Cotton Tail is one accessory you’d need, if you’re hoping to get that “I’m sophisticated, I only eat aged carrots, and I only drink stellar Sparkling Blueberry Juice.” look. This item will NOT be limited in mint quantity. The initial price for Heartbreaker’s Cotton Tail is $3.99 or 400 Blanko Bucks.

Heartbreaker’s Bubbly Booster

Shake as hard as you can, POP the cork and watch as the trail of fizzy, fruity, blueberry ROCKETS you higher and higher! Heartbreaker’s Bubbly Booster is sure to send you high in the sky and provide the stickiest, ickiest, and sweetest of trails! This item will NOT be limited in mint quantity. The initial price for Heartbreaker’s Bubbly Booster is $6.99 or 700 Blanko Bucks.


We have 2 Gumballs rolling into the Shop! The Heaping Spoonful Blend and the Just a Pinch are the most recent additions and are a must have for getting those fine tuned MashUPs! The Heaping Spoonful Blend Gumball blends colors from your Splice and Sample into a 75/25 ratio. The Just a Pinch Gumball blends colors from your Splice and Sample into a 25/75 ratio.

Square Leaving the Store

The fantastic collaboration with Crazysmiles© and artist Michael Lau, Square, will be leaving the store on February 9th at 2:50 PM PST / 22:50 UTC. This is the second Blanko in a series of three, known as the Gardener Series. This Blanko will be limited to only 1859 mints, so be sure to grab yours today in the Shop and in-game! Once it’s no longer in the shop, this Blanko will be gone forever, only purchasable through the Mythical Marketplace.

There will be an order limit of 4 Blankos or Accessories per cart, but no limit on the amount you hold in your account.


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