Blankos Block Party Play Test

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Hey Party-Goers

We’re looking for some of our Party-Goers to play test some new upcoming features! If you’d like to give feedback and participate in our play test complete the survey acknowledging permissions to be contacted by our testing partner. Please be sure to complete this survey at the earliest time possible!

After completion of the form, our testing partner, Go Testify, will contact you with more information. You’ll be interacting with Go Testify during a live play test session in the comfort of your own home.


What will participating in this playtest be like?

During this playtest, you’ll be asked to play an in-development version of Blankos. As you play, you may be asked to give live feedback and interact with other players and moderators. You may also be asked to take a survey to provide feedback on the game.

If I sign-up, is it guaranteed that I will be able to participate?

There are only a limited number of openings for this playtest - so it is not guaranteed that you will be selected to participate. If selected, you will receive a message directly from Go Testify with more information.

If selected, will I get paid for participating?

There is a thank-you incentive for the study! This will be processed & the amount set by Go Testify. If selected to participate, the incentive amount will be confirmed.

Roughly how long will the playtest be?

The playtesting session will take roughly 2 to 3 hours.

When will this playtest be?

We are planning to hold this playtest during the first week of January. After signing up, Go Testify will reach out to confirm your availability and that will determine the official timing for the playtest (i.e. we will move forward with the playtesting time that works for most people).

Will there be more playtests in the future?

Yes! We intend to hold future playtesting sessions in the future. Stay tuned for more information!

Any tips for making sure I am prepared for the playtest?

Prior to the playtest, you’ll receive more information from Go Testify to help ensure a fun & successful experience. Beyond that, the most important thing is to give honest feedback about the experience. If you like something, say so! If you think something is frustrating or could be better - also say so!

Rules or requirements for participating in the playtest.

To participate in the playtest you will be required to sign an NDA. Part of the agreement is to not talk about or share any details related to the playtest with anyone outside of it. This NDA is strictly enforced and failure to comply can result in legal action and/or account forfeiture.

You’ve mentioned Go Testify a few times… who are they and are they legit?

Go Testify is the playtesting partner we are using for this playtest. We have worked with them a few times and they are based out of Belfast. You can check out their website here.


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