All About Your Blanko

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Welcome to the party! You’re probably eager to jump right into a Brawl and throw hands… but hold on a second. There’s more to your Blanko than meets the eye!

What’s in the box?

Remember getting presents as a kid? That rush of excitement when you saw the picture on the box and imagined all the rad adventures you and your new toy were about to have? Maybe you couldn’t wait to get that box open to play – who cared if it ripped?

Now that we’re all a little older unboxing a toy is a whole new dilemma. There’s still that sweet, sweet joy of taking a toy out of the box for the first time… but a toy still in the box is something special for a collector. Blankos are no different. If you want to play with the sickest toy on the block, you’re gonna have to pop that baby out of its box and take it for a spin! But, like a cool pair of kicks or a physical vinyl toy, sometimes a boxed Blanko can be worth more on the Marketplace.

Whether you’re savoring victories with your Blanko Crew or saving those boxed beauties on your shelf, there’s no wrong way to play!

That’s Next Level

Like any other collectible, Blankos are graded depending on their quality. While a comic book or a pair of shoes might be prized for being like-new, Blankos start their lives at only Fair quality. They get rarer and more prized the more you play with them!

An Excellent grade Blanko might be reward enough for the discerning player, but don’t worry – we made sure that leveling boosts more than just your ego. A high-level Blanko is a force to be reckoned with in a Brawl. You’ll have access to more and better Skills to customize your Blanko’s performance, as well as passive traits that will make Brawling a breeze.  

To GradeUP your Blanko, it takes grit, gumballs, and a little bit of XP. Luckily, you can earn all three (well, maybe not the grit) by taking part in a Blanko Brawl! Though gumballs are only awarded to that special Brawler who comes out on top, you can earn XP for participating in all kinds of activities. Challenges, Brawls, and special Junction Gigs will all net you that sweet, sweet XP… so get leveling!

Mixing, Mashing, and Rushing

If there’s one thing an unboxed Blanko has over a boxed one, it’s customization! Move over, OOTD. It’s time for Blanko of the Day.

The easiest way to change your Blanko’s look is with single-color and palette gumballs: little sugary pops of color that are essential for the Mixing process. You can buy gumballs in the Bizaar or win them while playing (Party Passes are your friend there!) then head on over to the Vendor Blender to Mix and Mash your Blankos – customizing them to your heart’s content. Each gumball will replace colors on your Blanko until you’ve got something that’s uniquely yours.

You can also MashUP your Blankos in the Vendor Blender: Sampling colors from one Blanko and Splicing them onto another. Fancy Ivar Matlow with the sunny colors of Rock Boogie? You can do that. Throw a gumball into the mix to customize even further… you never know what combination will end up being the perfect piece of art!

Some special Blankos have a secret lurking underneath the vinyl… a secret that only a Gem Rush can reveal. By performing a Fusion with two of a special Blanko, you’ll be able to uncover the new personality lurking beneath. Some of these new Blankos are friendly faces, just dying to see the world. Some are… less friendly. You’ll never know until you Gem Rush.


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