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Hey Party-Goers!

We’ve got some brand new, BRILLIANT, news for you! We want to provide more information on Gem Rush, one of our biggest and latest features that will be hitting the Blankos Block Party stage. This is our first feature that will allow the players to change the scarcity of their Blanko through a fusion mechanic

First and foremost, this is a new feature and we will be making improvements in its future iterations as we find out what works well and what does not.

We picked AT0M.atn as this is one of the more widely owned Blankos and allows for more players to engage with this system.  We look forward to seeing what our amazing community does here, so be sure to share any feedback through our Discord!

What is Gem Rush?

Gem Rush is a system that will not only make your Blankos rarer, but will also make them more unique, as you work to unlock bespoke designs and features for them.

When a Gem Rush activates for a Blanko, you will be able to progress to Premium Grades called Mint and Gem Mint. To do this, you’ll have to put your Blankos through a special process called Fusion. In this process you’ll Fuse together two identical Blankos of EX LV15. Fusion results in you Minting a brand new, boxed, Blanko. Yup. You’ll be creating an all-new NFT with new unique unlockables, such as an alternate design or unique visual effects.

Keep in mind that, when fusing, your newly Minted Blanko’s class will be locked to the class of Blanko placed into the left side slot.

  • EX: If a Tracer EX LV15 goes into the first slot followed up with a Wrecker EX LV15, the newly Minted Blanko will be a Tracer class Blanko
  • This newly Minted Blanko will also have the Hidden Perks of the Tracer Blanko

But it doesn’t end there. Gem Rush and Fusion let you push these Mint Blankos all the way to Gem Mint! To do this, you need to take two identical Blankos of MINT LV15 and Fuse them together to get a Gem Mint Blanko. These Gem Mint Blankos have a different design from Mint Blankos. They have new box art and unique visual effects not seen on Mint or normal Blankos!

These unique Blankos can only be Minted during a Gem Rush event! So we’re excited to bring this feature to our players

How long does Gem Rush go for?

This first Gem Rush will be live for 3 months, and during this time, players will be able to create 2,000 Mint Grade AT0M.atn and 200 Gem Mint Grade AT0M.atn. After this 3-month period, any unminted Mint and Gem Mint AT0M.atn will be temporarily frozen.

Rest assured that for AT0M.atn we will allow all of the Mint and Gem Mint Grades to be completed. If these limits are not hit during the 3 month window, we will be bringing the Gem Rush option back online specifically for AT0M.atn at a later date to close them out.

What plans are there for Gem Rush?

We’ll open up Gem Rush for more Blankos in the future. However, we are constantly trying to improve this feature and there may be some changes to this system over time. Future Gem Rushes will be iterative—we’ll make tweaks to the feature until we find the mechanics that offer you the best experience.

Some examples of event structures that we are considering:

  • Phased Gem Rushes, where there are multiple windows to Gem Rush a Blanko until the mints are hit
  • Gem Rushes that only close when issue number limits are met
  • Gem Rushes that have no limits besides the amount of Blankos available

Each Blanko is unique and each Gem Rush structure will aim to factor in those special qualities.

We are very excited to share this feature with you and look forward to even more amazing updates. Thank you for your continued support of Mythical Games and Blankos Block Party.


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